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6+2号Xiao Xiao(笑笑)



36B(all natural)


Room & CD Included 包房包套

East Area 东部地区

Aljunied 阿裕尼

月经休息 (menses rest)

Pls say from 【sgwolves】 when contact! 请说从【狼群网】看到的!

Gentle Reminder: Dear bros be mindful not to be cheated or mislead by fake Sgwolf website! (We promises that we will never send any sms to bros)

Service 服务: Shower togetherv★鸳鸯浴 / Simple massage★简单按摩 / Nipples★舔奶头 / Painting★舔鲍鱼 / Roam★漫游 / Chest push★胸推 / BBBJ★无套口胶 / FJ★有套啪啪 /

About 介绍:

Dear brothers. If you ever discovers the pictures here are fakes or if the pictures and actual person resemblance has a big difference, do choose to walk away. Do not believe any fancy words or stories. If any of their listed service are fakes, do leave a message for us and reply you as soon as possible. 各位兄弟,如果你发现这里的照片是假照片或照片和本人差距很大,请选择直接离开,请不要相信她们的任何花言巧语。如果发现有虚假服务,请留言给我们,我们会尽快回复您。

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Comment 发表评论Comment 评论
2018-04-24 22:24哆啦A梦 Says:
Sent sms to her mobile twice, no reply. Is Xiao Xiao still available? How to book her?
2018-04-24 23:02-sgwolves- Says:

Whats your number bro

2018-04-22 00:33-sgwolves- Says:


Hi bro, she only takes customers with records from other girls. Maybe you can let us know which girl you booked before or you can ask the girls to register for you.

2018-04-22 12:07-sgwolves- Says:

Then you can ask her to register for you or I need your number to verify with her, bro.

2018-04-22 09:32John Says:
Hi i have booked meng xiao before
2018-04-21 19:57-sgwolves- Says:


Hi bro, pls resenf your comment with your phone number so that we can investigate. Thanks

2018-04-20 23:45Puri Says:
Pretty SYT coupled with excellent attitude and service. RTF material.
2018-04-20 13:58-sgwolves- Says:

Hi bro,The girl told me that there was no notice,you can contact her.

2018-04-18 07:47D Says:
Best bong so far. Excellent GFE.
2018-04-20 10:57忘不了笑笑 Says:
Agreed bro, she looks really pretty in real, fair and smooth complexion! Really worth it , planning to return again!
2018-04-14 03:51-sgwolves- Says:

@Despo HELP!

You are registered bro. But do note that some girls do prefer records made by other girls. Either way, have fun.

2018-04-15 22:49-sgwolves- Says:

Hi bro, could you leave your contact method and we will try inform her agent to help you bridge the link

2018-04-15 15:25sam Says:
No reply also...
2018-04-12 20:53apple Says:
Xiao xiao

See already will smile. Met her on a evening and when she opened the door, i was greeted with a demure girl whom wore a oversized tee without any bra that shows her nipples shape. Havent enter the house already see a wonderful sight

She appears to have an air of elegance and poise that differentiates her from other china ladies. She told me she is 22. Thats that kind of age where her generation seemed to have awaken along with china's massive growth. Her outlook although didnt match her make up features, she displayed quite a youthful and serene SYT face that almost resemble any local poly girl without make up on the streets.

I was quite intrigued at her profile pics shown here, but was not disappointed at all.

Fast forward, the ambience of the studio apt is almost akin to a 4/5* hotel room. Xiao xiao places good effort in maintain the love lair and it feels almost like a afternoon hanky panky with your gf.

The girl herself deserves most of the credit though. She pays good attention to the needs of the man and wilfully looks into my eye amist the suckling of the smaller head. She licks and flicks it like she loves to eat all day long with the occassional self carassing of her boobs to complete the visual treat. This girl really knows how to flirt and hype up the tension.

The best part comes in the love making. This lass is born for sex. Her love hole is constantly overflowing with juices with her masterful gripping of pussy meat. Her expressions tells the yearning of a foreign meat in her love hole. Every thrust every move every inch of penetration was greeted with sheer ecstacy and lust for one another. I was deeply in trace and spent.

And she called herself the well that was filled with water!

Well loved, well played, well fucked. Cheers
2018-04-11 19:05Kan00k Says:
Dear Wolves administrators,
I have been trying to contact her for weeks, but she never responded. Can help?
2018-04-12 01:49-sgwolves- Says:

Just post a post with your number in the number registry bro

2018-04-11 20:34Kan00k Says:
May I know where to leave my contact number?
2018-04-11 19:08-sgwolves- Says:

Hi bro, could you leave your contact method? We will check your record for you.

2018-04-10 19:45姐姐 Says:
Just had a session with xiao xiao. One of the best bonk so far. She has a cute smile and she’s definitely prettier and younger compared to the photos. Strong gfe feel. Ended off with her riding on top, can feel her fluid dripping
2018-04-08 16:22520 Says:
Bro called her few times to no avail leh
2018-04-08 17:31-sgwolves- Says:

Bro,Please leave your contact information, we can help you try it.

2018-04-08 00:04passiontea Says:
I text her, and she said to ask me to get assistance from wolf.
2018-04-08 00:58-sgwolves- Says:

Hi bro, maybe you can send me your number and let me know who you tried before.

2018-04-07 14:45工人 Says:
2018-04-07 08:16命运 Says:
可爱的小妹妹。口交一流。 如果邦马尾,更像个学生。
2018-04-06 18:12tempted Says:
got flat tummy?
2018-04-03 00:50Nicholas Says:
Hi bro sgwolf i have messaged her and no reply for over 3 days now, can please help me. Thak you
2018-04-05 16:20Sheepskinswolf Says:
Same also
2018-04-05 03:18Bypassers Says:
aiyo if like that call and message no reply then don't waste time lor look for other mei mei so many available.
2018-04-04 01:16-sgwolves- Says:

Hi bro, pls forward me your number and assistance required. I will ha her for you.

2018-04-03 18:57littleTiger Says:
message her 5 days, bo chap me, how ha wolfy ?
2018-04-03 02:27-sgwolves- Says:

Hi bro, whats your number? I check for you.

2018-04-01 22:06TSM Says:
Bro, messaged but few days and still no reply. Can pls check if number is registered? Already booked others before. Thanks!
2018-04-02 01:57-sgwolves- Says:

Hi bro, whats your number and pls also remark assistance required. We will get to it.

2018-03-30 22:21無名之貓 Says:
第二次找笑笑了 還是一樣可愛 態度棒級了
2018-03-28 19:08 Says:
很棒 十分喜欢
2018-03-28 17:09Virgil Says:
My best bonk I had so far.. very caring and give you a very gfe feel from start to end.. no rush at all and the way she bj you slowly and touch u sensually really have the new gf first time sex feel..

Will rtf her more often now cos very hard get this type of service.. and she don't answer calls when she is doing service..
2018-03-28 16:32暱稱28。3 Says:
2018-03-27 17:18Manhood Says:
One of the better experience I had. I told her that she looks like an ancient beauty... Will rtf soon
2018-03-25 21:10irohanihoheto Says:
Just met her today, and I'm quite surprised that she only have few reviews. because is so much feel and GFE during together with her and make me feel I need to help her to write some highlight that you might not easily get from another girl. first, her GFE is so natural not overact, and feel very comfortable. her face only light makeup so her looks are naturally pretty sweet, during making love you can see her pretty face enjoying the process. Skin complexion is nice and smooth, keep touching her during the BBBJ, and her BBBJ is awesome, wet, smooth no teeth involved and is deep. and I can see her tongue out and lick around during BBBJ (Must try and you will know what I mean)
Both of us enjoying each other, and she asks me to come together and I can feel she start to shake and we did come together. After come I start to kiss her lips, neck, boos and she shaking few times during I kissed her. Is a wonderful session together with this pretty girl. we talk a lot after that and I plan to meet her again soon.
2018-03-27 07:53D Says:
Does she look the same as the photos? Bushy below?
2018-03-25 19:14Tian long Says:
Visited Ms Xiao recently, she is sweet and gentle, small body but very nice busy size. Went to shower together, she has very soft skin and a gentle smile , looks very pretty and young better than the photos. After showering we went to the bed and she started her magic. She did cat bath followed by bbj which was very good and almost couldn't take it. after a while more I told her to proceed to the main action. She was very accommodating, we did a few position. She was very wet and had soft moans which was super turn on for me, just a few minutes and I wanted to cum already. We quickly proceed to missionary style we I finally let go, the feeling was like and explosion orgasm. I was thoroughly satisfied with my time time with her. Bro do take the chance to visit her while she's still available and before she goes back. Already gone two time and will still rtf again.
2018-03-18 00:224Fbeliever Says:
Just wrapped us a session with Xiaoxiao, She is absolutely superb, chaps, genuine GFE, I was late for approx 20 minutes, she has no complaints at all, pretty face with kissable lips, petite with addictive body. Thank you Wolf pal for importing her into SG.
2018-03-16 15:30Hellomotto Says:
She’s definitely one of the most deserving ladies that needs a solid testimonial. I’m more of a feelings person, as compared to assets wise, and she definitely trumps in terms of GFE and service. Plus her voice is so innocently sweet. She’s really hygienic which is a plus point for me. BBBJ I must say is one of the best I’ve tried, no teeth and she goes real slowly, sensually and with pressure and grip. If you’re a big fan of that and don’t really bother too much in the full stuff, then she’s definitely the one.

Looks wise is more of the 3rd pic. Great hotel location and very clean environment. Please support her and treat her well!
2018-03-16 14:57宝贝 Says:

Looks/face 9/10: she those type walking on the street that you will turn back and look at her for a few time. Love her feature.
Body: 10/10 160cm height, best height to hug. Lovely cute butt, love to squeeze and grab on it. A good house ride during the session
Catbath 9/10: Love the way she do it.
BBBJ 9/10: ask me to sit at the edge of the bed. And start to BBBJ on me.. Cant stand it pull her up on the bed. Request to put on condom.
Kissing: No French but light kiss on lips.
FJ 10/10: She wet easily don’t need any KY. Did a few postion but I ended with missionary due to too tight that I could not continue to control and shot out all. Should end it with doggy style her butt is a nice view to do doggy style.
Shower 8/10: Damn I have never seen time fly so fast. Shower was SOP. Loved to see her tits bounce up and down in the shower
All in all, 9/10.... Def RTF.
2018-03-15 12:25兀兰之狼 Says:
笑笑去年才来过不是新人,为何是N+ ?
2018-03-23 18:01小文 Says:
照片和本人差的多了 每个人的眼光不同 我看笑笑是 沉鱼落雁 闭月羞花 态度也是没的说
2018-03-15 18:17-sgwolves- Says:


2018-03-15 12:09224 Says:
She is finally back! Best girl here with the perfect gfe during service, recommended to all, visit her and take care of her when she’s here please!

Comments on the statement:Hope all bros will give truthful FRs.
Truthful FRs is a responsibility to other bros and is a fair competition to the girls!


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