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Newbie FAQ

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2018-02-24 11:29-sgwolves- Says:

Q: What does S+/N+/6+/M+ stand for?

A:S+ represent the premium of SgWolves, service attitude gauranteed, and staying in hotel. N+ represent new comer which service attitude needs to be observed and when assured, will be upgraded to S+. 6+ represent the premium of SgWolf, service attitude gauranteed, just not staying in hotel. M+ represent those from SPA. S+/N+/6+/M+ all their prices are SGD150 and above.


Q: Must I register in order to date a girl?

A: Not neccessary, but some girls are timid and lacks judgement thus all numbers with record will she dares not entertain. Of course there are many other girls who are willing to accept. Gentlemen attitude usually ease and helps with the success rate.


Q: How do I register my number?

A: Please proceed to the main page of our website and enter Number Registry/APP on the first row, or this address (, or you can request girls you have booked before to register your number on SgWolfs' number checking system. Every number only needs to register once, no need to repeat register.


Q: After registering, why some girls still says that I am not registered?

A: This is because some girls are handled by other agents and the agents did not let them use the number registry system. This is of course the loss of the girls, missing out on some geniune customers.


Q: Can I book girls with my foreign number? Do I need to register?

A: You can still book the girls with your country's number. Some girls are timid thus dares not entertain. Of course there are many other girls who are willing to accept. You do not need to register foreign numbers. We will only register local (Singapore) number.


Q: Girl says that my number is blacklist, says I am a blacklisted customer. What should I do?

A: Please proceed to the main page of our website and enter Number Registry/APP on the first row, leave your number and wechat ID. Our staff will add you on your Wechat to verify if this is a misunderstanding. If so, we will help you remove the blacklist.


Q: Can I know what is the reason I am blacklisted?

A: Please proceed to the main page of our website and enter Number Registry/APP on the first row, leave your number and request. Our staff will check for you. You can also request girls you are familiar with to help you check your number.


Q: Why some girls refuse to answer or reply my calls and messages?

A: It is possible that the girl is servicing and unable to respond timely. It is also possible that the girl has left Singapore but the agent did not update us. I suggest your can try other girls and if other girls also ignore you, it can be possible that your number has been Blacklisted.


Q: Can you give me the Wechat of a particular girl? Can I book girls through Wechat?

A: If we have the girl's wechat, we would happy to share. Some girl's wechat can also be found on their page in our wesite. You can book girls through Wechat, but you will still need to provide to her your mobile number, mainly for her to check your number as their Wechat they may have blacklisted customer lurking around. However some girls has agents and agents may have other concerns thus it may not be convenient for us to provide.


Q: Why my negative comment is not published or removed after a few days?

A: Usually when a girl has a negative comment for thefirst time, we will approach her or her agent to talk about the problem and to imrpove their problem. If the problem is serious, we will publish the comment and let realise that if her ervice attitude is not good, it is as good as losing their job. We will usually only leave the comment for 3 days with the sole purpose to let her improve her service. If she repeated doesn't improve, we will then advice her not to advertise on our website anymore.


Q: What time does the girls usually start work?

A: Most girls start at 10 in the moring till 12 midnight. However soem girls may start much earlier or end much later. We are unable to give a realistic time for every girl.


Q: How can I get first blood?

A: You will need to view our website more often to catch new girls the moment she is added. As for success rate for first blood, its really dependant on effort plus luck.


Q: Can I pay after deed instead of before?

A: It is a requirement to pay first before deed as there is been many instances where customers refuse to pay or did not bring enough money and left, leaving the girls helpless. But we understand that you may have a concern that the girl will not perform well if you pay first. You can discuss this with the girl. Best way is to show the show that you brought enough cash and if the girl trust you, then you can pay after deed.


Q: The girl's attitude and service is bad, can I get a refund?

A: If you encounter such situation, you should come the website to complaint and we will dealt with the matter seriously, requesting her to change her way immediately. However there will be no refund, not to play punk, but rather we are just a platform. But we will take responsibility to educate her for improvement. We have no control over cash in her hands. We seek your understanding.


Q: The girl I like has left Singapore. Will she come back?

A: It is only a matter of time for a girl to come back to Singapore if she is able to earn money and has not met with any mishap.


To be continued。。。

2018-02-23 16:00-sgwolves- Says:

问:S+/N+/6+/M+ 分别代表什么意思?

答:S+代表狼群精品,服务态度是可以保证的,同时必须住酒店,N+代表新来的以及服务态度需要考核的,优秀的才可以升级到S+,6+代表狼群精品,服务态度是可以保证的,不是住在酒店里的,M+是在按摩店里的。S+/N+/6+/M+ 都是价格150新币以上的包含150新币。






答:请到首页第一排Number Registry/APP里留言你的电话号码,附带网址(,也可以让你约过的女孩在狼群查号软件系统里帮你号码注册,每个号码只需注册一次就可以,不需要从复注册。









答:可以在首页第一排Number Registry/APP里留言告诉我们你的微信号或者电话号码,我们的管理人员会添加你微信和你调查证实,如果是误会,我们会帮你去删除电话号码的不良记录。



答:可以在首页第一排Number Registry/APP里留言告诉我们你的电话号码,管理员会帮助你查询,也可以找你熟悉的女孩子帮你查询电话号码记录。



























2018-03-03 00:06-sgwolves- Says:

Some of them still does. You have have to understand that there will be communication barrier thus you should try using a translator. If not it would be more convenient to reply to other Mandarin messages. Also, be a gentlemen will make the booking smoother. Do inform your heritage upfront to avoid a waste trip or disappointment.

2018-03-02 22:44John Says:
Does mostly of the s+ girls only do chinese race how about other asian race? Like malay?? It's just that I'm bit disappointed... about it..
2018-03-24 08:30Turtle Says:
2018-03-24 10:48-sgwolves- Says:


2018-03-24 02:40yuyu Says:
How to catch new girls once they are added? Wanna get a first blood
2018-03-24 03:14-sgwolves- Says:

Check often and have good record 

2018-03-22 20:31大胸控 Says:
2018-03-22 21:49-sgwolves- Says:

1个小时,1次  =)

2018-03-18 20:29Lee Says:
How to tell which girl is new here ?

Do you have other girls like Japanese or Korean ?
2018-03-19 02:36-sgwolves- Says:

New girls we will list them on the left side of the webpage inclusive of renewals. You can also pay more attention on our webside as well as their comments to judge.

Japanese and Koreans are only available occasionally.

2018-03-18 02:28-sgwolves- Says:



2018-03-16 02:38Tom Says:
Hi! Can I order a girl to my hotel or do they usually refuse oucalls?
2018-03-16 03:15-sgwolves- Says:

Usually they will not go outcall. You will have to ask. Travel time vs cost and safety will be their consideration.

2018-03-15 21:19Sadface Says:
Does all the girl only do massage? Help a brother out. :(
2018-03-15 10:32xx Says:
现在还有TTvip吗 微信一直没有更新了
2018-03-14 00:15MIC Says:
your mobile number search feature does not work.
2018-03-14 03:59-sgwolves- Says:

It is working fine bro. The feature is to search the girl's serial number, not handphone number.

2018-03-13 15:19开心人 Says:
2018-03-14 17:22开心人 Says:
2018-03-14 03:10-sgwolves- Says:

兄弟,你说的是哪位? 如果下架了,一般都回国了。

2018-03-13 02:47Racerace69 Says:
How can I check if a girl is willing to Outcall
2018-03-13 13:51-sgwolves- Says:

You will have to ask her bro

2018-03-12 18:25Xuan Says:
2018-03-13 02:00-sgwolves- Says:


2018-03-12 12:38肥仔 Says:
2018-03-12 02:19-sgwolves- Says:

Dear all, to register number, just "reply" with your number will do.

2018-03-11 08:47H Says:

What happened to all the girls who work in the massage parlour?

Why have you removed all of them?
2018-03-08 17:35三田子 Says:
I have messaging Anna S/N 108 Lakeside for quite a number of months. No response from her. I wish to book her. Sgwolves please assistant
2018-03-09 02:45-sgwolves- Says:

Hi bro, you may refer to FAQ for help or give me your number to check.

2018-03-08 08:06Ah foo Says:
2018-03-06 19:14-sgwolves- Says:



2018-03-06 11:48无心 Says:
2018-03-08 12:02大條 Says:
2018-03-06 19:17-sgwolves- Says:


2018-03-06 02:10-sgwolves- Says:


the website you posted is out dated.

2018-03-05 19:44小二狼 Says:
新妹妹呢? 新人要约新妹妹狼哥
2018-03-05 17:09-sgwolves- Says:


兄弟, 你可以留下你的微信号,我会加你。

2018-03-05 10:45hahaha Says:
一hello bro now your side here no more SPA girl ah
2018-03-06 22:52hahaha Says:
OK some svc very good
2018-03-05 15:35-sgwolves- Says:

They are staying low profile for the moment.

2018-03-05 08:12落叶 Says:
2018-03-05 15:36-sgwolves- Says:


2018-03-05 10:58落叶 Says:
2018-03-05 10:33-sgwolves- Says:


2018-03-05 03:36-sgwolves- Says:


5052 registered

2018-03-04 23:35Anubis Says:
Hi bro/moderator, I need your advice on a matter. I booked a slot with 1 of your girls last Friday and couldn't make it in time due to a bad traffic jam because of the rain around the town area. What is the usual protocol or rules for situations like this? Thank you.
2018-03-05 15:27-sgwolves- Says:

There is no requirement on this, but timely effort to communicate with her and clarify will help. Afterall, she did reserve the time for you, you just see how you can help her so that she can timely arrange for others to come.

2018-03-05 09:49Anubis Says:
Do I have to reimburse her for the missed slot?
2018-03-05 03:39-sgwolves- Says:

You can explain to her at first notice so that she can arrange someone else. If you inform too late, the slot she reserved for you is wasted. Lastly, try to proceed early.

2018-03-04 20:50小二郎 Says:
狼哥今晚都9点了 新姑娘怎么还没有上网啊 我等一下午了 我要新姑娘 新姑娘 狼哥快点上场啊 急急急
2018-03-04 15:45Fireboy Says:
Apparently I can’t download the app and thus I can’t register my number. Can pls help me out?
2018-03-05 03:27-sgwolves- Says:

Hi bro, you dont need to DL the app to register. Just reply here with your number will do.

2018-03-04 07:14Dddd Says:
No reply from 32号. What do I do?
2018-03-04 13:31-sgwolves- Says:

She might be busy bro. Do try again later or other girls.

2018-03-04 01:05Pete Says:
Hi 请问酒店的意思,是妹子本身住在酒店我可以直接过去,还是为了服务我需要先去酒店开一间房,负担酒店费用?
2018-03-04 13:26-sgwolves- Says:


2018-03-03 23:53梦龙 Says:
2018-03-04 11:21-sgwolves- Says:


2018-03-03 03:15Youngguy Says:
Bro,I am a young malay guy.Will I ever have a chance to be a customer? I think you should indicate if any of the girls could understand any english cause its I'm having quite alot of difficulies booking.Just a suggestion.
2018-03-03 14:40-sgwolves- Says:

Hi bro, 99% of the CHinese girls cannot speak proper ENglish. I suggest you use a translator.

2018-03-03 00:56Thanos Says:
Those girls work in hotel, how to go up to their room cause some hotel security tight and lift need card access?
2018-03-03 02:08-sgwolves- Says:

The girls will guide you bro.

2018-03-02 22:41boobslover Says:
There was a girl named Ling Long, will she be coming back soon?
2018-03-03 00:04-sgwolves- Says:

Pls refer to FAQ

2018-03-02 14:47-sgwolves- Says:


Hi bro, you number is new and is registered 8839

2018-03-05 10:21蓝之泪 Says:
wah sad. next time need to start ask whoever I go to and register for me liao. old bird still new lol
2018-03-05 03:32-sgwolves- Says:

system record. apparantly no one register for you.

2018-03-04 17:53蓝之泪 Says:
how come my number still New? haha I ald like old bird here ald.
2018-03-02 11:43hahaha Says:
什么心在你这里没有按摩的女孩。SAP girl
2018-02-28 19:31DIDADU Says:
请问 SengKang 都没有女生了吗?
2018-03-01 02:29-sgwolves- Says:


2018-02-28 01:57-sgwolves- Says:


Hi bro, there is nothing wrong with your number except its new and registered.

2018-02-28 00:23 Says:
请问这些女孩是否有长期体检? 是否安全?
2018-02-28 01:55-sgwolves- Says:


2018-02-27 22:52Question man Says:
Near douby ghourt have?
2018-02-28 01:47-sgwolves- Says:

Hi bro, Singapore isnt too big, go for the girls in central area that you like. That is more realistic.

2018-02-27 13:14Minhow Says:

How come all your girl dont rely massage or wechat massage one?? Got business also dont wanna do ar
2018-02-27 14:02-sgwolves- Says:

Hi bro, mind you can give me your number I check for your what the problem is.

2018-02-27 10:07喝丢一只鞋 Says:
2018-02-27 13:40-sgwolves- Says:


2018-02-26 23:5886****64 Says:


2018-02-27 03:39-sgwolves- Says:


2018-02-26 22:55无聊 Says:
2018-02-26 23:05-sgwolves- Says:



2018-02-26 18:44H Says:
2018-02-26 23:03-sgwolves- Says:


2018-02-26 13:11New comer Says:
What does $...1/1 mean ?
2018-02-26 19:02-sgwolves- Says:


2018-02-25 21:02yan tat Says:
got one girls is call KK i cannot find him anymore help pls?
2018-02-25 22:56-sgwolves- Says:

Bro, she has left Singapore.

2018-02-25 00:24 Says:
2018-02-25 15:52-sgwolves- Says:

请到首页第一排Number Registry/APP里留言你的电话号码,附带网址(,也可以让你约过的女孩在狼群查号软件系统里帮你号码注册,每个号码只需注册一次就可以,不需要从复注册

2018-02-24 13:19Nob Says:
2018-02-23 23:40Mmmm Says:
2018-02-23 23:37Sam Says:
2018-02-23 18:23美腿控不住 Says:

Comments on the statement:Hope all bros will give truthful FRs.
Truthful FRs is a responsibility to other bros and is a fair competition to the girls!


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