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S+22号Yan Er(妍儿)



36D(all natural)


Room 包房

Central Area 中部地区

Hotel work 酒店开工

+65 82849244

Pls say from 【sgwolves】 when contact! 请说从【狼群网】看到的!

Massage girl 按摩女孩

Gentle Reminder: Dear bros be mindful not to be cheated or mislead by fake Sgwolf website! (We promises that we will never send any sms to bros)

Service 服务: Simple massage★简单按摩 / Nipples★舔奶头 / Roam★漫游 / Chest push★胸推 / Kiss★接吻 / HJ★打飞机 / BBBJ★无套口胶 /

About 介绍:

Dear brothers. If you ever discovers the pictures here are fakes or if the pictures and actual person resemblance has a big difference, do choose to walk away. Do not believe any fancy words or stories. If any of their listed service are fakes, do leave a message for us and reply you as soon as possible. 各位兄弟,如果你发现这里的照片是假照片或照片和本人差距很大,请选择直接离开,请不要相信她们的任何花言巧语。如果发现有虚假服务,请留言给我们,我们会尽快回复您。

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My Photos - 我的照片
  • 新加坡狼群sgwolves特殊时期,简单按摩+口交+打飞机!半裸!2
  • 新加坡狼群sgwolves特殊时期,简单按摩+口交+打飞机!半裸!3
  • 新加坡狼群sgwolves特殊时期,简单按摩+口交+打飞机!半裸!4
  • 新加坡狼群sgwolves特殊时期,简单按摩+口交+打飞机!半裸!5
  • 新加坡狼群sgwolves特殊时期,简单按摩+口交+打飞机!半裸!6
  • 新加坡狼群sgwolves特殊时期,简单按摩+口交+打飞机!半裸!7
  • 新加坡狼群sgwolves特殊时期,简单按摩+口交+打飞机!半裸!8
  • 新加坡狼群sgwolves特殊时期,简单按摩+口交+打飞机!半裸!9
  • 新加坡狼群sgwolves特殊时期,简单按摩+口交+打飞机!半裸!10
  • 新加坡狼群sgwolves特殊时期,简单按摩+口交+打飞机!半裸!11

Comment 评论
Comment 发表评论Comment 评论
2018-05-22 20:47色狼 Says:
干着爽 口交更棒
2018-05-22 13:00-sgwolves- Says:


2018-05-21 21:57严哥 Says:
Touching eyes, perfect body, bulging back, intriguing
2018-05-18 00:12小林子 Says:
干了还想在干 人美嘴甜 服务到位
2018-05-18 14:21研儿 Says:
是的哥哥 包括酒店在内研儿
2018-05-18 08:30乌啦啦 Says:
2018-05-16 21:21Chess Says:
2018-05-16 12:34胖子 Says:
今天约了研儿 太调皮了 年轻可爱 身材棒棒 爽
2018-05-13 23:03Sting691 Says:
Face and body look better on photos,
BBBJ Very good. FJ lagi shiok long time never have gal so wet and slippery, grab my dick when she moaning for life. Say don't want but her pussy tells another story. You'll know what I mean if you bonk her hard and fast
2018-05-13 22:20暖男 Says:
2018-05-11 22:44强哥 Says:
About the study, the most seen water and water was very cool. About two young.
2018-05-13 13:45What Says:
What you saying huh??
2018-04-28 16:59军上 Says:
Few days back I dated her. Tho it was our first time meeting each other but the way we interacted, it’s kinda like long lost friend. She was really lovely and bathed me thoroughly. After which, we bedded and had our fun together. I was slow and surprisingly, she was patient and encouraging. Her boobs were big and firm, I like it. After the fun, we bathed and continued to lie on the bed and chit chatted. I really had an awesome day and I love the secrets we shared. Thank you 妍儿给我一个愉快,美丽的经验。
2018-04-27 16:13罗 c Says:
I’ve just asked about the research, the charming eyes, the first-class skills, and I’ve wanted to do it.
2018-04-26 23:06老板 Says:
这不该是廉价吧估计是200 你值得拥有
2018-04-26 21:44王先生 Says:
服务很好 人美在一起很享受
2018-04-24 17:59goodman Says:
2018-04-23 20:55ppongee Says:
About two minutes is still not enough. I like to study with you.
2018-04-22 16:42生意人 Says:
确认过眼神 遇到对的人
2018-04-20 22:08GF Says:
Girlfriend feels like it is good Talks with two clocks is very pleasant Support
2018-04-20 18:12queen Says:
骚 年轻 棒棒支持
2018-04-17 19:18stella Says:
研儿完全超越160价格 胸大 身材比例简直完美 颜值高 年纪小 床上淫荡到不行 我舔他鲍鱼 水一直往流 床单都湿了好大一块 接着插他的时候 我们一起达到高潮 这样的女生 跟他爱爱简直到了天堂 爽翻了 下次要约两个小时 多给他弄出几次高潮 我喜欢看他淫荡的样子
2018-04-17 19:10小白 Says:
Perfect body, high face value, human world, worth cherishing
2018-04-15 19:11DD Says:
2018-04-14 21:36bx Says:
人真的很美 看着年纪好小
很有女朋友感觉 下次一定再约
2018-04-14 21:31淫虫 Says:
The young body has a lot of kinky water. It's very good.
2018-04-11 12:14青蛙王子 Says:
2018-04-08 23:57只愿得一人心 Says:
终于等到我的女神回来啦迫不及待的想见到他 想喝你的淫水 抚弄你诱人傲娇的胸部
2018-04-10 19:18色鬼武者 Says:
2018-04-10 12:20AA Says:
2018-04-07 18:34谢甲归田 Says:
2018-04-08 10:32研儿 Says:
哥哥 休息好了 谢谢关心 可以约研儿了
2018-04-07 10:11黑狼 Says:
2018-03-11 12:11爱上你 Says:
昨天约了妍儿两个钟 整个过程是那么让人流连忘返 人美好聊 爱爱 是那么那么难忘 真想把你娶回家做女朋友 好喜欢 忘兄弟对我的女神温柔一点 多多照顾
2018-03-08 08:16lee Says:
2018-03-07 21:18Love Says:
我的女神 爱爱好舒服 皮肤好滑 人很可爱 过几天还要约会你
2018-02-22 22:23Bigone Says:
Tried today.... She is superb
2018-02-20 21:36 Says:
请问妹妹是去年来过的吗 好想去年来过住湖畔的
2018-02-18 20:40LLQ Says:
I totally agree with all the good feedback below, she is diligent and always gives you a girlfriend feeling. Skill wise no need to mention as all indicated below, try out yourself and you won't feel regret.
2018-02-18 20:15-sgwolves- Says:


兄弟 你的评语我们看到了,你的手机号码是什么,微信号?我加你核实一下。

2018-02-20 10:12研儿 Says:
2018-02-18 21:25舞蝶衣 Says:
而且沒有法國吻 沒有錯。
飛哥 翻譯給他看
2018-02-13 12:40tuo Says:
Sgwolf, 这妹妹是之前来过的紫玲?
2018-02-15 00:5599771 Says:
2018-02-13 10:11习近平 Says:
版主 怎么这位女的不回简讯的。这么难约的。
2018-01-30 13:43yin chong Says:



BBBJ/CIM: 9.5 天呐,这个服务项目,我不得不说,我真的是意犹未尽!她迷离的眼神和她吮吸我鸡鸡的方式,就像一股热浪将我包裹住,根本无法从一波接一波的快感中挣脱。.她将交替成为温柔顺从的角色和狂暴放荡的角色。.她会一直用舌头爱抚你的身体,刺激你的感官,她的挑逗是如此的摄人心魄,仿佛抽走了我的灵魂!欲仙欲死的吹箫技术,超高的人气,童颜巨乳的身形,你没有任何理由错过跟她的约会!
2018-01-29 18:14美腿女神 Says:
吹箫眼神各种挑逗 太爽了
爱爱过程女神在上面挪动那完美的身材 然后就转到后面 看他风韵的屁股 在摇摆
完美的一次性爱 值得下手
2018-01-27 22:35W j Says:
妍儿 身材真是劲爆 绝对极品 看到他的身体我就受不了 就想一直玩 爱不释手 挑逗他水水还那么多 在床上真是骚货 插他的时候 看他他性格的嘴唇 忍不住亲下去 那两个完美的胸部 插的时候随节奏 颤抖着 好爽 每次去找他两个钟 超爱
2018-01-27 14:57fofever Says:
人美 心灵也美 爱爱很舒服。漱口研儿都会有舌吻 鲍鱼很好吃。 中意你
2018-01-28 13:39Wolfsupporter Says:
2018-01-27 00:49X x O o Says:
值得 完美女人 够骚 很爽
2018-01-26 13:13HH Says:
淫水很多 尝到了妍儿天然矿泉水的感觉 爱爱过程回味无穷 力推妍儿
2018-01-24 20:13DJB Says:
喜欢妍儿 水多到喷我全脸都是 很有女朋友的感觉 边舌吻边爱爱 整个过程是那么完美 值得推荐
2018-02-21 20:39Wolf Says:
2018-01-25 13:02 Says:
2018-01-23 11:34浪子 Says:
赶了最早约研儿 水多多 鲍鱼很紧 人美 喜欢爱爱过程很舒服
2018-01-22 23:41大大号 Says:
人美 骚货一个 回味无穷
2018-01-22 23:33H k j Says:
The moment I reached the appointed place, I was overtaken by surprise. Yes, the room was nice, but nowhere close to the beauty of the girl. She looks really young... like a uni student. The only thing that says otherwise are her big boobs. I resisted playing with her boobs from the beginning. I wanted a real build up. But by the time we were in the shower, I couldn't resist playing with them, running my soapy hands all over her... by then I was so hard I couldn't wait for the action to get started. She started off with foreplay, kissing my neck, licking my nipples, doing down on me... the usual. Then the real action started when she blew me. If was so good and she controlled all my buttons so well. Each time I felt I was about to burst she would switch to something else like lick my balls or kiss my shaft. I had to break the service to ask for condom because I was afraid I would blow anytime soon. But it was no avail. I came after no longer than 3 minutes? Foreplay was too good, goddamit.
2018-01-21 20:08天蓬元帅 Says:
2018-01-20 17:04JY Says:
I'm in love with this girl. Beautiful and young. Grade AAA. Never see such premium grade on sgwolfs before. Premium one, got. But none as premium as this one. she super my type. Somemore her skin smooth and white, see her already I confirm the only thing you think about is sex sex sex! I won't say too much about her service... just go and try for yourself, won't go wrong. Within one week I'm sure she will become Ang pai, want to book her also difficult. So best to treat her well, give her nice nice impression, when you book her next time, she leave slots for you.
2018-01-19 23:28大地龙 Says:
妹子身材火爆, 服务超凡, 令人流连忘返!
2018-01-18 22:33狼狼 Says:
2018-01-18 15:13sam98 Says:
今天去体验妹妹 不敢时间 配合度也很好 值得平品尝 放心约兄弟们 狼群极品
2018-01-17 19:56卡卡 Says:
I must say the reviews are spot on. This girl real gem. Good cute young looks. Smooth skin. Sweet smile and voice. Everything close to perfection. Shower together that time, played with my didi and washed it so thoroughly I knew I was in for it. True enough, really gave me comprehensive blowjob on every part of my cock and balls for almost ten minutes I buey tahan. Then action started... listening to her moan like hell, very high. I paused several times and changed position so won't come but in the end when she was doggy in front of me, I felt her pussy so tight on my cock even though I stopped moving... it almost came out. Then I moved a little and blasted everything Liao. Haiz.... sex was close to perfection too. Wanted to go second round but no cash. Will book her again before she leaves or Kena bao.
2018-01-16 22:49Jk Says:
Face:9/10 Body:9/10
She has FJ and KB,the best for me.
i like to speak and enjoy with her.
Nice time See u next week
2018-01-16 22:21tongS Says:


胸部 也是我遇過最好的





2018-01-16 21:54男人帮 Says:
终于约到研儿了 开门那一刻 有一种一见钟情的感觉 清澈的大眼睛 忽闪忽闪的 波涛汹涌的大胸 水蛇妖腰 大长腿 这身体简直完美 我对女生身材要求很高的 真是身材太棒了 尽然情不自禁的 去想去亲研儿的感觉  服务没写舌吻 尽然研儿跟我相拥一起 从浴缸吻到床上 那哗哗的舌头 在我嘴巴里面 上下游动 那我推到床上 从耳朵舔我 那个温柔的叫床声 让我欲罢不能 吹箫也太棒了吧 我存在他的温柔乡 我去舔他的时候 水已经很多 粉粉的阴蒂 我就这样上下扫荡他的小穴 水多不行 一直让我插他的小穴 他淫荡的叫床声 我也想马上插进去 在里面穿梭着 太爽了 我们到沙发 镜子面前 看他淫荡的 表情 感觉增幅了 我的女神 回来我一直都在回忆 我的疯狂的爱爱 很推荐尝试 我的女神 太爽了 隔两天还要约研儿 这才是床上应有的女人 想想就想干他 隔两天我还要约我的女神 兄弟们 赶快去体验爱爱之旅
2018-01-16 20:57披着羊皮的狼 Says:
胸大活好 水多到根本不想出小穴 讲话温温柔柔的 就喜欢这个的
2018-01-16 14:55小野兽 Says:
研儿 真的身材太完美了 胸大 腿长 屁股翘 做爱破合力超强 跟他爱爱太爽了 小穴水多多 高潮尽然可以喷水 软软的舌头 舔的我好爽 已经第二次找了 跟他做爱 太有女朋友感觉了 爱你研儿了 兄弟们 加油
2018-01-16 02:27胖胖 Says:
2018-01-15 23:42灰太狼 Says:
2018-01-14 13:13小小Sean Says:
人很礼貌 胸很漂亮 身材也很好 水多多
2018-01-13 19:27小小 Says:
胸大人很好 会很厉害的招式 很容易高潮 穴穴水多得想水帘洞
2018-02-21 20:42wolf Says:

Comments on the statement:Hope all bros will give truthful FRs.
Truthful FRs is a responsibility to other bros and is a fair competition to the girls!


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