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142号Hong Dou(红豆)



36C(all natural)



Room 包房

GeyLang Area 亚龙地区

Apartment 公寓

9175 9776

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Massage girl 按摩女孩

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Service 服务: CIM★有套口爆 / Authentic FINGER PRESS Massage★正宗指压按摩 / Authentic FINGER OIL Massage★正宗油推按摩 / Boobs Massage★波推 / Prostrate Maintenance★前列腺保健 / Grasp root★抓根 / Back Kneeling★跪背 / Head Massage★头部按摩 / Facial Massage★脸部按摩 / HJ★打飞机 / HDLY★海底捞月 /

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2018-04-14 21:35 Says:
Visited her a few times already. A very gentle and beautiful lady, perfect massage skills. Definitely worth every penny spent. Will continue to support her all the way.
2018-04-01 12:04Tarzan Says:
Excellent service, pretty face, perfect body

2018-03-29 01:23-sgwolves- Says:


Hi bro, we have forwarded your number to the girl's agent.

2018-03-25 19:29Mikymouse Says:
A true and honest field report - i have visited this lovely lady for a few months now .
Her English is very good, all her services are TOP notch.
Always a clean condo and shower area.
Please note that she doe’s NOT offer BBBJ only a covered BJ.
Her BJ ( capped ) is very good and strong.
Please support as a really good find for a reliable and good services
2018-03-11 12:17J Says:
First time to visit her. Really beautiful and friendly. Her massage is the best I had. No time watcher. Smooth skin and very customer oriented. She asks what I want. Very good English speaker, and easy to talk. Big and beautiful boobs. No claim and had great session. Definitely go back to meet her again!! You never want to miss her!!
2018-03-08 06:05toogood Says:
Lady is very pretty and have a solid massage on my back. Very conversational too and made me felt like talking to a long lost friend. Her bbbj and hj skills are really good and worth $110. And now I kinda agreed with other bros that they comments are true and I have no regrets visiting her. I will return and planning for revisit soon.
2018-03-26 13:44toogood Says:
sorry it’s BJ with condom. :)
2018-03-08 17:227345 Says:
Sure boh, BBBJ???
2018-02-27 22:27泽哥 Says:
2018-02-27 18:34Enjoyable Says:
I visited Hong Dou just now and found her petite, pretty and sexy. Her massage skills are very good and she knows how to make me very comfortable. She chats with me a lot and we kinda got connected easily. After massage comes the real thing and I was pleasured by her very much. She did bj and hj on me as I wanted to try out her skills. It was awesome and very worth the money. I will visit her again, definitely.
2018-02-27 13:05高大 Says:
2018-02-10 21:00小胖 Says:
2018-02-08 18:45Don Says:
Very customer oriented
Very good massage
Communication level is superb
Sensual is tremendous
Worth the visit.
2018-02-02 20:49RBT Says:
Only one word can sum up Hong Dou - classy:

- She lives alone in a nice condo and there's enough privacy
- The setting in the room is quite tasteful and there's a wonderful scent in the air. The bathroom is spacious
- She is quite pretty and has a wonderful voice. Her command over English is quite commendable for a Chinese girl
- I went for a CBJ and a HJ for $120. She started off with a slow and delicious CBJ. She did not rush and I did a CIM in her mouth (with condom of course)
- It was followed by a wonderful massage and a brilliant oil massage
- The final act was a gentle, caring and slow HJ, while she was lying next to me
- She has got medium sized boobs, which are lovely to look at and lovely to fondle. As I was nice to her, I could slid my hand inside her silk panties and roam her ass (not the front though)

The overall session was fantastic. This girl is classy, well mannered and very sober. I had a great time and will definitely RTM.
2018-01-25 13:51Iskandar Says:
Hong Dou lives alone in a condo very close to the MRT station and parking lots are available by the road side. She provides excellent massage service and has nice body and figure. Men would definitely enjoy her assets! She will engage in talking with you during the massage and provides good companionship. Her command of English is excellent for a Chinese! I really enjoyed her service and I am sure you all will.
2018-01-23 13:09Edmond Says:
She’s one of the best I’ve experienced, wonderful service and totally never stop to use phone at all (in fact she is the first I’ve met who never touch her phone at all). Chats with you to keep the session interesting and feels like a friend instead. A must try for all brothers!! No regrets!!
2018-01-18 20:32Sunday Says:
终于约到了这个美女,本人和照片100%像,她有一双会说话的眼睛和迷人的笑容,按摩技术很棒,口活一流,让我欲仙欲睡,感觉太爽了,i love her so much
2018-01-06 21:56ABC Says:
Nice and friendly girl; wonderful massage skills; not a time watcher
2018-01-06 21:10MY Says:
很好 真的很好
2018-01-04 18:20寂寞是因为 Says:
2018-01-04 21:57-sgwolves- Says:


2018-01-03 19:49青豆 Says:
2018-01-02 21:51Massage Lover Says:
Just have a wonderful session 红豆 today. She is chatty and friendly. Her massage is the traditional body type mixed with a little boobs rubbing. She has two options for happy ending; you can choose either hand job or CBJ. However, I opt for hand job because I am not a fan of blow job. I must say that her hand job is gentle filled with tender loving care.
Overall, I enjoyed her massage as well as her company.
2017-12-29 22:32男人 Says:
刚刚去找红豆 帮我按摩 很舒服 很有礼貌 不赶时间 他还帮我打飞机太舒服了 又很爽 他是个大美女 我明天还要再去找他 兄弟们快点去找他 你们去 了 一定不会后悔的
2017-12-23 00:21男人 Says:
刚刚去找红豆 帮我按摩 感觉很舒服他帮我打飞机的感觉很爽 还会跟你聊天 还会去找他
2017-12-21 22:16Mr Ang Says:
2017-12-21 21:54海哥 Says:




2017-11-29 22:09Steven Says:
2017-11-27 16:07sun Says:
2017-11-25 20:10Sam Says:
2017-11-25 17:22john Says:
Service is good, very good massage and service. Not a time watcher. Willing to service customer the way he wants to be served
2017-11-25 17:17guo Says:
I am very happy that I went to get a massage by MuZi today. Best massage I have had this year. Very beautiful and technique is top notch. I will be a regular of hers for sure. Do not miss.
2017-11-22 14:35阿辉 Says:
2017-11-19 13:55Tony Says:
一个让人无法忘记的女孩子.very nice
2017-11-15 21:20Love guru Says:
Actual person prettier than in photos(someone i would love to date). Massage was very good. Very nice body. Only downside was that massage could be slightly longer as it ended before the hour mark. I thought there would be leg massage but it was only the back and HJ after. But overall good experience!
2017-11-14 17:47Amim Says:

Last min appt and glad that she accepted it. Easy going and talked under the sky, just like your GF. The longer you look at her, the more you find her beautiful (my type).

Not a time watcher, exceeded 60mins, due to HJ, made you wanna come and relax again. Massage lover, pls book fast.

2017-11-14 11:18啊星哥 Says:
2017-11-14 10:57Lee Says:
2017-11-11 21:57Francis Says:
Really pretty girl. Want to be Friend. Very good Javanese massage

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