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110号Na Na(娜娜)



34B(all natural)


Room 包房

GeyLang Area 亚龙地区

Apartment 公寓

8590 8767

Pls say from 【sgwolves】 when contact! 请说从【狼群网】看到的!

Massage girl 按摩女孩


Service 服务: CIM★无套口爆 / Authentic FINGER PRESS Massage★正宗指压按摩 / Authentic FINGER OIL Massage★正宗油推按摩 / Boobs Massage★波推 / Prostrate Maintenance★前列腺保健 / Grasp root★抓根 / Back Stepping★踩背 / Back Kneeling★跪背 / Head Massage★头部按摩 / Facial Massage★脸部按摩 / HJ★打飞机 / HDLY★海底捞月 /

About 介绍:

Dear brothers. If you ever discovers the pictures here are fakes or if the pictures and actual person resemblance has a big difference, do choose to walk away. Do not believe any fancy words or stories. If any of their listed service are fakes, do leave a message for us and reply you as soon as possible. 各位兄弟,如果你发现这里的照片是假照片或照片和本人差距很大,请选择直接离开,请不要相信她们的任何花言巧语。如果发现有虚假服务,请留言给我们,我们会尽快回复您。

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Comment 发表评论Comment 评论
2018-03-21 20:15狼王 Says:
2018-03-14 11:52WU Says:
Well what can I say, one of the best.
Massage: 9/10
Boobs:small b (not for boobs lover)
Working attitude:10/10 one of the hardworking in the market really good
Damage:100. Gave her tips cause she is really good
BBBJ & CIM:10/10 try it hahaha
RTM:YES always

2018-03-18 22:51娜娜 Says:
2018-03-13 23:48股枕哥 Says:
2018-03-13 14:05Icemagna Says:
刚刚享受完过程。。妹子长相和照片一样。按摩超舒服不敢时间,友善,温柔,可爱。口交tip top ..
2018-03-09 19:58股枕哥 Says:
2018-03-10 02:25娜娜 Says:
2018-03-04 21:45股枕哥 Says:
2018-03-05 12:43娜娜 Says:
2018-03-03 13:37XiaoNan Says:
look 10/10
massage 9/10
service 100/100 opposite
gfe 100/100 opposite
2018-02-28 09:35PC Says:
Read all the good comment about her massage and BBBJ skills. Contacted her but she asked a question and never reply again.
2018-02-24 18:06Xiaodi Says:
Her massage skill number 1. Must try
2018-02-28 00:07亲爱的舒服就好,谢谢。 Says:
2018-02-21 14:38伟哥 Says:
2018-02-03 19:50KovanGem Says:
I went to 娜娜 today! Was very welcoming and teased me once I got into the room. To future bros out there she does not offer boob job as mentioned above. Her massage was legit, even though my intention was not to get a massage. In the end blew in her mouth twice, 10/10. Recommended! Her apartment is spacious and hygenic. She also offered a threesome package at $180 which i refused. She is a very good girl, bros please treat her right.
2018-02-11 11:08KovanGem Says:
$100 bro but i felt a bit paiseh

For her petite body size, her strength is really good
Good service and really treat you like a king

Depends on your chemistry with her
2018-02-05 13:45Shimhunter Says:
Bro how much and how long was it for 2 shots?
2018-02-01 12:09胖子 Says:
Round 2...服务态度很好,BBBJ棒棒棒,不赶时间,值得去,地方容易找.
2018-02-02 13:45娜娜 Says:
2018-01-31 23:06本部 Says:
2018-02-01 01:03-sgwolves- Says:


2018-01-30 20:34Jx Says:
How's her hygiene? Wanting to try her famous bbbj
2018-02-01 12:13胖子 Says:
Hygiene Great... Room Great... BBBJ lagi Great!
2018-01-28 01:02期待着您 Says:
Nana的确很难约。就提前约她(第2次)星期六晚上11点...不往我又期待和妹妹的约会。完全没有失望。把我两个星期的疲劳和酸痛都解除了。Nana... 给你200分。真期待和你下次在约。谢谢你。
2018-01-28 23:35娜娜 Says:
2018-01-27 20:01臭小子 Says:
Very hardworking lady, pls dont abuse her. Massage only.

Massage 10/10
BBBJ 9/10
Looks 8/10

Backpain, headache? Find her correct alrdy.
2018-01-22 15:15胖子 Says:
再次找她... 服务一流。不看时间,也不急。舒服。
2018-01-23 17:46娜娜 Says:
2018-01-14 13:22bbbj 4 mi Says:
BBBJ or capped BJ?
2018-01-14 20:01娜娜 Says:
2018-01-09 14:51老公 Says:
2018-01-11 16:57娜娜 Says:
2018-01-11 16:57娜娜 Says:
2018-01-09 02:22rainman Says:
This is a true gem, if you don't try it, it's such a waste.
Service 11/10
Massage 9/10
Looks 7.5/10
Technique 8.5/10
Her BBBJ and CIM is to die for, best I've ever had, ever.
No complaints whatsoever even though it took forever.
Gonna return every week.
2018-01-11 16:58娜娜 Says:
2018-01-05 08:08一客 Says:
2018-01-04 10:51胖子 Says:
2017-11-28 20:34John Doe Says:
Location: Discreet ( She is moving soon )
Looks: As you seen in photo. Slim and Pretty
Character : Lovely, Friendly and Cheerful
Massage Skill: TOP Level ( Professional Masseuse Lv )
Services she only provides: Professional Massage with either HJ or CIM only. ( Please respect her & don't put her in a difficult position.)

I was still worry if its one of those fake advertise masseuse with fake photo at first, but wanted to try it out if its really that good from some of the bros FR here. To my relief, she looks just like the photos when I saw her. Chatty and friendly personality which is alway good for a great experience when visiting a ML. She was the only tenant in the apartment when I visited her, so that was good for me. ( Can run around butt naked. )

So first started off with the massage which to my surprise was Pro Level. She was telling me the names of the pressure points while she was giving me the massage and I just blurly listening ( sounds legit ). But you can tell it was a good massage when you started to feel sleepy after the session. After the proper massage than comes the "service" which was like no other. Her bbbj was really something and its really hard to hold it in before I CIM. After all that, she still tease my bro just a little before she sent me off to the shower.

I had a great session with her. Do contact her before she return home and who knows if she will come back or not. Great massage with Great BBBJ/CIM.
2018-01-03 03:45娜娜 Says:
2017-11-27 07:43funny4sg Says:
Tried NaNa recently.
Knew her from her earlier stay at Woodlands.
She is slim, pretty and attractive, plus a nice personality.
Gives good oil massage, and catbath+BBBJ was excellent.
We had chemistry and had a great time.
Very high service level.
Location is central, and room is clean. Shower is just next door and is nice.
RTF : many times more.
Do support her. - funny4sg
2018-01-03 03:45娜娜 Says:
2017-11-24 15:44alanwong Says:
I already return few time this girl have a very good massage and good service too and when she eat your hotdog u will have a feeling like heaven...have a good time to all bro here
2017-11-22 23:08Newbwoof Says:
Excellent service. Nana massage skill is legit, if you looking for real massage and not those piano type, she is the one for you. Work hard and also give you the full time, no bullshit. Her blowjob is the best i’ve had, she can deepthroat well also. Best thing is she will talk and make you feel comfortable also. When she is here, i no need find other girls because she is the best already. No kidding, come find her to know what is real GFE, i already rtm 2 times.
2017-11-21 10:19Cuminator Says:
Bros who read comments and notices my name before, hopefully you all will know I am not bullshitting when I am writing a recommendation. Visited 娜娜 for the 3rd time since she came onshore and twice since her last stint. I have to say it's rare to find a lady possessing both beauty and sultry. We connect at so many levels that I am afraid if I don't control myself, I might really fall for her. I urge every bro to try this hot chick. You won't regret it!
2017-11-21 00:06131419 Says:
Just have a season with NaNa,she have a skilful massage and the most fantastic is the bbbj is owesome. This the best bbbj I try before.she will treat you as she lover and she has a extremely good attitude to serve.plsase treat her wisely. Will return support her.
2017-11-21 02:52娜娜 Says:
2017-11-19 01:53男人 Says:
zvery nice massage and bbbj is very good almost CIM
2017-11-04 21:32Mr.J Says:
2017-11-04 21:02 Says:
2017-11-04 19:053335 Says:
Massage very skilful and good. Must try bro.will return again

Comments on the statement:Hope all bros will give truthful FRs.
Truthful FRs is a responsibility to other bros and is a fair competition to the girls!


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