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99号Jing Jing(晶晶)



34C(all natural)


Room & CD Included 包房包套

North Area 北部地区

Woodlands 兀兰

8655 9623

Pls say from 【sgwolves】 when contact! 请说从【狼群网】看到的!


Service 服务: Shower togetherv★鸳鸯浴 / Simple massage★简单按摩 / Nipples★舔奶头 / Painting★舔鲍鱼 / Chest push★胸推 / Kiss★接吻 / BBBJ★无套口胶 / FJ★有套啪啪 /

About 介绍:

Dear brothers. If you ever discovers the pictures here are fakes or if the pictures and actual person resemblance has a big difference, do choose to walk away. Do not believe any fancy words or stories. If any of their listed service are fakes, do leave a message for us and reply you as soon as possible. 各位兄弟,如果你发现这里的照片是假照片或照片和本人差距很大,请选择直接离开,请不要相信她们的任何花言巧语。如果发现有虚假服务,请留言给我们,我们会尽快回复您。

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2018-03-19 20:55Shooter Says:
Pretty milf. Super service oriented. No complaints even when I took long time to cum.

Body - 9/10
BBBJ - 10/10
FJ - 10/10

Value for $ at $100. Almost wanted a 2nd shot if not for short of vitamin M

RTF - Yes
2018-03-17 19:29一批狼 Says:
2018-03-01 03:21西瓜子 Says:
2018-02-27 02:37蓝颜知己 Says:
Visit this beautiful girl once again, same as before, Great gfe feeling
Smooth skin plus great body, hourglass figure with the perfect breasts with pinkish nipples.
Great bbbj that lick and suck all over the body. Really knows what's a man wants.
Great lovemaking Like long lost lovers. Small pussy with lots of juice.great moans when hit Her hot spot.
Will rtf as soon as vitamin M top up and Army of spermfries reload.
2018-02-15 15:20Aries Says:
Just finished my time with her, i just looked stupid waiting for her to finish on her phone and a bit rushing. Her looks are same as the photos, BIG boobs with tiny nips, face is prettier than photos.

GFE: 6/10
Bbj: 9/10
fj:. 8/10
2018-02-12 10:54小狼 Says:
2018-02-07 00:41 Says:
宝宝 这是最后一次约你了 可惜约不到。 很舍不得,可是没办法,再这样下去,我真的会迷恋你的。你搬了5个地方,我一直挺你。因为你人很好。再见了 愿你安好
2018-02-02 18:12james Says:
best massage ever. totally gf feel. wish she is your real gf. very accommodating. figure super good skin super smooth and soft. so much prettier in person than picture. will return for more.
2018-01-24 12:1725岁 Says:
Just had a session with this GEM. Smooth skin. Body on point is my kind of type, especially the boobs, shape and the nipples is amazing! BJ skills very powerful. Managed to frenching with her. Shake her until she asking for second time. But my time up need to get back to workplace. She is going back soon and I'm RTF for sure!
2018-01-12 11:39恋人 Says:
2018-01-12 10:09dan Says:
service good... worth a try..
2018-01-08 01:04 Says:
2018-01-06 20:49哈哈 Says:
2017-12-23 17:48西门吹箫 Says:
2017-12-20 15:47 Says:
人跟照片一样, 是我喜欢的类型。 第一次跟他做爱爱 ,很紧张很快就出了。 下次再来找他。
2017-11-30 23:45你不知道 Says:
2017-11-27 23:16你爱吹我便是箫 Says:
2017-11-14 19:03你在哪里上班 Says:
2017-11-13 23:18s s Says:
2017-11-12 09:54Wind Says:
Managed to visit qiqi yesterday. Alot gfe feeling. Wouldnt rush you off after the deed is done. Will rtf!
2017-11-12 01:26 Lonewolf Says:
Great stuff. Nowadays north area not much good gals left,so far she is consider good,
2017-11-11 23:03MM Says:
有很好的经验。她是美丽的与柔和的皮肤和眼睛象天使。她让我吻她的脖子感觉就像我的女朋友在做爱我希望她是我的妻子。请招待她的好朋友。她还有一个非常可爱的臀部和很多微笑。她很棒 :)
2017-11-11 16:51ruud Says:
Service and attitude: 10/10
Very accommodating
Very hardworking
Very patient

Body is same as photos. Face is prettier than photos. She's a real gem.
2017-11-11 08:34Shhhh Says:
Local along main road easy to find.
Slim and looks like picture.
Bj was wet and orgasmic like other fr says great bbbj
Nice gfe too
Rtf if vitamin reloads
2017-11-06 18:46Panda Says:
very good bbbj and sex. will definitely rtf!
2017-11-06 14:22Panda Says:
Very good bbbj, great sex. Will rtf
2017-10-30 03:23好朋友 Says:
2017-10-29 00:44 Says:
2017-10-26 12:17老公 Says:
这妹子好 昨晚我试了一下 紧紧的 美腿
2017-10-20 02:29Pea Says:
Great service! Great Bbbj! 2nd rtf in 2days! Highly recommended!!
2017-10-20 02:15Lunar Says:
Second time in 2 days! Great service, great Bbbj, great sex. Totally enjoyed myself. Will definitively return for more! see you soon!

Comments on the statement:Hope all bros will give truthful FRs.
Truthful FRs is a responsibility to other bros and is a fair competition to the girls!


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