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112号Qian Qian(芊芊)



36C(all natural)


Room 包房

GeyLang Area 亚龙地区

Apartment 公寓

9096 7521

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Massage girl 按摩女孩

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Service 服务: Regular massage★正规按摩 / CIM★无套口爆 / Boobs Massage★波推 / Prostrate Maintenance★前列腺保健 / Grasp root★抓根 / Head Massage★头部按摩 / Facial Massage★脸部按摩 / HJ★打飞机 / HDLY★海底捞月 /

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2018-05-15 21:18持久的男人 Says:
2018-05-11 17:26Popy Says:
Today visit her,normal ,looks more older than her age ,maybe prenancy so leave mark on her belly
2018-04-18 18:04Willy Says:
Her massage is 1 of best I experienced thus far. Staying with another roommate in a one & only unit on each flr. Privacy is assured as lift is controlled by tenant.
Its $ well spent as it depends on chemistry too.
2018-04-17 22:57KaixinSinner Says:
2018-04-15 14:02老猫 Says:
2018-04-10 12:54ET Says:
芊芊的按摩非常好,人长的漂亮 身材又好 ,很健谈 很难找的一位美女 我很喜欢
2018-04-04 14:27CHIK Says:
Mei mei just moved to a new location not long ago and to my surprise she shared the same apartment with my regular ML. I hesitated awhile to go upstairs, what if meet my regular ML will be a bit paiseh. Nevertheless, hack care, already here.

Door opened, without taking off the shoes, quickly went into Qian Qian room to hide!
Face: very pretty with long hair, not sure why she want to put covered up photos! confirm above average looking and young!

Wow, her room is very neat, tidy and clean. she even bother to clean up the common area.

Took off my clothes and went to the bathroom to wash up clean clean and ready for some actions. if meimei can help to wash together, definitely a plus point!

First, it was the hard massage. Recommended. 9.4/10. she will constantly check with you on the strength and no use phone at all! Really ease a lot of pain and tense muscles.

After about 30mins of solid massage, time to flip over. Mei Mei took off her blouse and left only a black panty.
Her figure is slim and her (.)(.) is just the right size! not too small, in fact just now for my big hands with some excess! Boob: 10/10. She went to the toilet to rinse her mouth with mouthwash to ensure cleanliness!

Mei mei asked, where is your most sensitive areas. i immediately reply around my balls area. Slowly, she catbathe me from neck to nipples and slowly going down south. the teasing was amazing, she starts to licks and sucks my balls like no time no meet bf & gf. at one point, her tongue nearly did a AR, close enough to make you super high.
Follow by a wet and slurping bbbj. BBBJ: 11/10. it is totally out of this WORLD. It is really OH MY TIAN!!! I have to stop her but it was too late, shoot out near her cheek. When she saw my cum shoot out, she immediately used her mouth to collect my armies! Keep on sucking till the very last drop! Suck till dry dry.

Everything was really up to the standard. While i was washing up, she changed a new fresh towel for the next bro. to my suprised, she even changed the pillow case! that was how clean and hygiene! After shower, there is still some time left, she asked me to rest awhile and massage my head, but i am in the rush, i told her no need and have a good rest before the next bro come. not a time watcher at all! she checks the living room outside got no people and i left without a sound!

Overall experience: OH MY GOD! *bros, you all should try at least once to believe, enough said.

RTM: Four Yes(s)!!

2018-02-20 16:59BF Says:
She is very good and I love her massage and services a lot. Often make me feels very comfortable and restful while
being with her. She is definitely worth it and no regrets. I’ve been visiting her a few times from Jan till now. Amazing lady‼️
2018-02-07 21:23bro Says:
Much delayed review. Went to find Qian Qian many times le..the most I rtm one..nice personality and pretty girl..I like her new costume that to give hard n gd massage..her mouth enjoys kissing n sucking lol..can chat well too..
2018-01-25 19:43Swordfishkuku Says:
This the 4th times look for her. service maintain the same. Seldom have girls like her standard. Tip top and reserve the money. Qian Qian perfect. Cannot miss out.
2017-12-30 16:15Bear Says:
She's perfect. Have come here 3 times in a month. Massage is truly comfortable , much effort put in, not the piano type. SWeet looking girl with nice proportionate figure. The add on service is also excellent and nice personality, easily break the ice
2017-12-22 21:10Tim Says:
My 2nd time with Bao Er.

Location is very central. Stays alone, lots of privacy.

Excellent massage, can feel that she put her weight into it. Great conversationalist,can talk about lots of things.BJ was better than the first. She will try to understand how to pleasure different customers (not applicable for first timers).

Will definitely return if time permits.
2017-12-14 16:21Ah Heng Says:
Qian Qian will not be returning to China. She will still be working here. So if you like her service, please call her.
2017-12-11 23:19Ah Heng Says:
My favourite masseuse will be going home to China on Thursday 14 November 2017. I will definitely miss her. For those who wish to have her service, please try to book her before 13 November 2017 which is Wednesday which will be her last day providing her excellent massage service.
2017-12-11 14:18Franc Says:
2017-12-06 20:25Bigboobzlova Says:

Saw so many great reviews, die die try (really needed a good massage lol)

Convenient location, lots of transport nearby (don't be lazy, just walk 5-7 mins from nearest bus stop or station)

Reached and she directed me in, nice and private place but I always damn suay... when want to enter either lots of people coming out, or going in.. so don't want to spoil market and alert neighbours, smoke outside first lor... (only my luck bad bros.. even work also damn suay.. haiz...)

Fast hands and leg went up. Cute cute China mistress look.

Showered and proceeded for massage

Looks: China mistress cute cute type
Body: Just Nice, like first innocent girlfriend body, honestly not big, not small, just nice for Singapore
Massage: 9/10! She asked pressure amount adjustment, good pain, shiok, I -1 point because no one is perfect mah.. give 10 scully someone doesn't like the pain
Special: BBBJ/CIM/HJ. Super Hygiene, use alcohol wipes for my didi, and then alcohol mouth spray after rinsing with Listerine for sibei long (Better "safer" than sorry), sure got some idiot say "where got safe etc etc", hello... your girlfriend suck how many cock before you? Somemore never brush teeth.. Qian Qian make effort for everyone's safety hor.

Anyway. She knew how to slowly tease me until rock hard, her combi of hands, tongue and mouth... oh my tian... Still made those Jap AV sounds.... ask me in a sexy shy voice "Must tell me when you shoot ok?"

I thought "siao liao... bluff CIM", a bit lost steam... but then she continue to suck and suck changing rhythm with hands, tongue etc, bo mechanical.

Song song.. cumming liao.. told her "Darling.. want to shoot liao".. expected like past experiences close mouth shoot beside cheek...

Scully... OH MY TIAN!!! REALLY GOING TO SHOOT OUT then Qian Qian starting blowing/sucking super fast.. fuck... cannot tahan..

Came in her mouth 6 shots.... all the way she continue to blow and blow never complain.. I buaytahan super sensitive... then when she felt no more pulse from me. She held my whole army in her mouth and smiled.

Went to bathroom then gently spit.. not like those in the past "pooi pooi pooi" sound then make mood die... want $ only type

Talk cock sing song, then gave her tips.

Vitamin M will return liao. Bonus coming!

2017-11-29 12:39狼君 Says:
2017-11-28 20:34葡萄干 Says:
2017-11-24 19:12SexOtaku Says:
Pleasant experience. Very hardworking lady; pays attention to your pleasure level. Massage is rather professional for those who prefer hard massages done with strength.
2017-11-19 00:5718日7點半 Says:
2017-11-09 23:37木木 Says:
2017-11-09 00:48John Says:
Just had a wonderful session with 芊芊. I was the last person of the night, but it felt as if I was the first. 芊芊 gave an A+ massage and was very warm and friendly the entire time (10/10 GFE). The BJ and HJ were both excellent, and she'll make sure to maximize your pleasure. She's not a time watcher at all, so the entire session felt very intimate. The location is also pretty convenient and very discreet. Highly recommended!
2017-10-24 06:11Wilson Says:
以前找过不少的女孩 但没有一个的服务有象她那样服务好又健谈的 尤其当她帮你按前面时的那个美丽 要好好的对待她 很值得
2017-10-23 04:59Peter Says:
Best Massage service available. Looks very pretty, gentle and will give you the best of both world. Highly recommended to alll bros out there who is looking for such tip top services.

Looks: 10/10
Body: 10/10
Massage: 9/10
Hj: 10/10
BBj: 10/10

Will defintely return again.. Best service availabe in the central
2017-10-22 15:19Peter Says:
Best Massage service available. Looks very pretty, gentle and will give you the best of both world. Highly recommended to alll bros out there who is looking for such tip top services.

Looks: 9/10
Body: 8/10
Massage: 9/10
Hj: 10/10
BBj: 10/10

Will defintely return again.. Best service availabe in the central
2017-10-18 18:58Bro Says:
抽空写个评语,很满意. 绝对是一个美女, 身材好皮肤白皙, 如果是我身边有这样的女孩, 我都没有勇气去追求, 太漂亮了. 地方很安静, 非常安全. 关键是给人的感觉很好, 完全像女朋友的感觉, 口活感觉还不错, 其实我主要是看颜值, 光看着那张娇嫩的脸诱人的嘴唇卖力的吞吐, 就感觉超受用了. 按摩很舒服, 我比较喜欢大力的按, 力道很好, 本来头有点晕的, 按完之后好多了, 整整按了至少40分钟. 口活完事总是先自己跑去处理一下, 然后再重新涂上唇膏, 红红的嘴唇真性感, 再说一遍, 那个脸蛋真的好漂亮,我好喜欢.
2017-10-13 22:57不倒翁 Says:
2017-10-11 19:22不假 Says:
2017-10-07 22:20东北人 Says:
人美服务好又温柔 难以自拔还加了钟 记得我们下次的约定哈哈哈哈
2017-09-10 10:59Mas Says:
Well manner lady. Had an enjoyable massage and conversation throughout the session yesterday afternoon. Although no fj but still worth the trip.
2017-09-03 02:31Sam Says:
2017-10-18 18:59Bro Says:
下次我也要吸一下, 今天忘了吸
2017-08-29 14:21Trying Says:
Very beautiful and cute. Very very willing to please!
2017-08-25 21:33Iskandar Says:
Had an appointment with Qian Qian today. Her beauty is mesmerising. She is very well mannered and very conscious to make sure you get her tip top service. Extremely nice slim body and nice boobs. He smile will melt you. And she provides excellent massage.
2017-08-25 12:57kisses Says:
Voice sweet but no FJ
What a waste
2017-08-25 04:50Bobby Says:
I was Qian Qian's first customer today. This is her first visit to Singapore and I was amazed by her excellent massage skills. She has a beautiful and voluptuous body with fair complexion and tone body. Very pleasant lady and courteous. Enjoyed the conversation with her throughout the session. I highly recommend her and assure you that you will not be disappointed with her excellent service.

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