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S+14号An Ran(安然)





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Central Area 中部地区

Hotel work 酒店开工

9131 0926

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Service 服务: Silk stockings temptation★丝袜诱惑 / Simple massage★简单按摩 / Nipples★舔奶头 / Painting★舔鲍鱼 / Roam★漫游 / Chest push★胸推 / CIM★无套口爆 / Kiss★接吻 / 69Type★69式 / FJ★有套啪啪 /

About 介绍:

Dear brothers. If you ever discovers the pictures here are fakes or if the pictures and actual person resemblance has a big difference, do choose to walk away. Do not believe any fancy words or stories. If any of their listed service are fakes, do leave a message for us and reply you as soon as possible. 各位兄弟,如果你发现这里的照片是假照片或照片和本人差距很大,请选择直接离开,请不要相信她们的任何花言巧语。如果发现有虚假服务,请留言给我们,我们会尽快回复您。

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2017-10-19 00:32Kyle Says:



Had my fourth appointment with 安然, hence writing four points as my FR:

No.1 is service: I have experienced all the services mentioned on the site, THE best is her BBBJ, experienced it for a total of 4 appointments and feel every sgwolf should experience for himself!
No. 2 is squirting: While having sex, 安然 suddenly squirted, as her juices were about to hit my face, I managed to dodge but wasn't quick enough, got hit by a little bit from her squirt.
No. 3 is shower: Before and after sex, 安然 would wash up your body and your D with soap diligently! Love grinding each other when our bodies are slippery due to the soap!
No. 4 is 安然: Her character is great, her smile is mesmerizing, her laughter is cute, professional attitude and GFE is there, worth booking!Worth booking! Worth booking!

No. 5 is to hope that all sgwolf would take great care of 安然!
Thank you Sgwolves!
2017-10-18 12:44早餐 Says:
美女一个, 刚约了。 去的时候带了汤给她。等她吃饱就开始。话不多说,水超多,嗲嗲叫声让我没几下就败了。。服务一级棒
2017-10-18 00:33无名小子 Says:
2017-10-17 20:28Durex Says:
2017-10-17 16:12quick Says:
2017-10-15 21:03Row Says:
安然很棒 服务很好
2017-10-15 20:20弟弟疼 Says:
2017-10-16 10:49寶寶 Says:
2017-10-14 22:31雷公 Says:
2017-10-14 17:35Newbie Says:
She is really the best girl in this web!!! Once u enter the room u can tell that u had made the right choice! She is pretty and tall just like a model! The shower together is the best shower that I had in my life until now! She will rub every inch of your body with her lovely boobs!! Proceed to bed and she is damn active! Her licking skill is the best and I almost shot when she bj me! Everything is just too perfect and one last thing her moans is damn loud!
2017-10-14 01:18天地 Says:
Perfect Is the only thing I can said.. her service is supreme to the extent I buay tahan. Her skin is soft and tender, when she catbath you she will try Her utmost effort to tit fuck you. Her tongue super soft...Her bbbj is cannot describe by word..Can shoot anything but can tahan. I wanna screw her when she keep showing come fuck me look.
When screwing her, she damn wet..The way she moan wanna make you go faster, harder .. the moment she cum, you will notice her face is keep fucking me . Man I wish I could fuck her another round but money and vitamin low , next time , I would wanna try longer hours
2017-10-13 20:40坏男人 Says:
2017-10-13 00:56ZZC Says:
今晚给兄弟们丢脸了 安然穿着护士服 黑丝袜太诱惑了 直接被口射了
2017-10-12 15:04foxtrot8 Says:
2017-10-12 13:07X Says:
2017-10-13 04:02X Says:
2017-10-12 04:35-sgwolves- Says:

8422**** 已经帮你注册了。

2017-10-11 13:34X man Says:
Find 安然 yesterday. She give me a sweet smile.......immmediatley melted my heart.
She knee down to remove my pants...oh my little bro...I feel like a king after my Long
day work. Great BBBJ in bathroom and bed.....Cannot tahan man.
The most fantasy part is she allow me keep pumping her even I cumm.
2017-10-10 21:17安然宝宝 Says:
想安然了 提前几天约了她
详细就不解了 该有的服务都会有
不可多得的女孩 请大家好好珍惜哦

飞流直下三千尺 疑是银河落九天
2017-10-10 21:05Bao Says:
2017-10-10 18:56Mr Stanley Says:
This one service and gfe, No horse run. Picture and actual person is the exact same person.

Beautiful and service focus. She Don't use her phone during the whole session.

Better catch her before she is gone.
2017-10-10 18:33Little Boy Says:
Over due FR on An Ran. Tall and sexy. Prettier than photo. BBBJ started in shower, with lots of suction and tongue flipping.
Cat bath over full body. Gave a slutty look while deep throat me. Buay tahan. Cap and ramp hard into her sweet hole making her having goose pimple visible. Changed into reverse cow girl. Good riding skills making me surrender in no time. Certainly will RTF for I will make her surrender to me next round.
2017-10-09 23:44Andy Says:
I prefer An Ran than some other girls. She
never mention people got bad breath. She gave a very passionate kiss on my lips.
Her service is far better than some girls.
What she mention she provide the services.
She really provides. Hope all girls should learn from her. That is why she is so popular.
2017-10-09 21:25任寶寶愛人 Says:
2017-10-09 23:53kkkkk Says:
how much 2 hrs
2017-10-08 16:07 光头 Says:
Another amazing date with her and was able to make her squirt this time.
Excellent girl
2017-10-08 13:112505 Says:
2017-10-07 21:58Sheldon Says:

2017-10-08 10:45无言 Says:
2017-10-07 20:03Alex Says:
2017-10-07 17:59芽茏 Says:
2017-10-07 12:42Kyle Says:

约了晚上的时间,知道安然在忙没时间吃,买了食物给她吃,补充精神和活力。在等食物消化时,在床上抱和接吻,聊聊天。真想念安然的嘴唇和身材! 手就自动的抓能抓的,能亲的地方就亲。 在冲凉时,安然性感的扭动和调情从正面和后面,感觉非常的棒!把小弟叫醒后,就跪下来给我口交。 再回床上时,又经验安然的口活,还是一样的刺激! 轮到我时,也不给机会,用舌头和手把安然下面弄湿湿!穿套后,就慢慢的插,快快的插,插到安然的毛孔站起来 从前面就换到从后面插,房间里只能听到啪啪的声音和安然的叫声 好喜欢看安然想大声的叫但不能大声的叫的表情 干到全身都流汗 可惜我的力气比不上安然,累了但安然还想继续 过后,就抱着对方,聊聊天,肉体接触的感觉真幸福 时间到了,安然又帮我洗干净。这两个小时会留在我脑里。

This is my review for 安然 after the 3rd appointment.

Booked a late night appointment with 安然. Knew that she was busy and didn't have time to eat, I bought her some food to replenish her energy! While waiting for her to digest the food, we cuddled, kissed and chit-chat on the bed. Reminiscing her lips and body, my hands and lips automatically started moving by themselves, grabbing whatever I can reach, kissing whatever I kiss. While showering, 安然 seductively grind her body from the front and the back! Arousing my little D, 安然 proceed to give me a blowjob! Back on the bed, I got to experience 安然's god sent foreplay with her mouth and tongue! When it was my turn, I didn't give any mercy and used both mouth and hands to make her wet as fuck. After putting on the condom, I started to fuck her slowly and quickly, giving her the goosebumps as I fucked her. Did her from the front and from behind, filling the room with the banging sound and 安然's moaning! Felt ecstatic when I saw her face trying to restrain her voice from being too loud! Did her so hard till I'm sweating buckets. Felt exhausted but 安然 was asking to continue the banging session. Guess my energy level is lower than 安然. After that, we cuddled and chit-chat, the intimate body contact felt really great! When time is up, 安然helped to clean me up. The two hours spent will stay in my memory.

Face: 10/10 (Still in love with her eyes)
Boobs: 9/10 (Nice to grab)
Body: 9/10 (Close to my ideal body shape)
BBBJ: 10/10 (Confirm plus chop)
FJ: 10/10 (S.H.I.O.K.)
GFE: 10/10 (Heavenly)
2017-10-07 09:22TCM Says:
Thanks Bro. U r so helpful.
2017-10-07 03:25-sgwolves- Says:

9620*** noted bro .

2017-10-07 03:22神雕大侠 Says:
安然 今天又找了她 他的安然销魂舌 真的很销魂 和他做爱时 我问她 “你知道我姓什么吗?” 她说 “不知道” 我说 “我以前姓陈, 遇见你之后 我性福了” 我是说真的 我幸福了。
我不介绍她给你们 因为 我希望她是我的。
每次都是开心回家 太幸福了
2017-10-07 00:38安然的性奴 Says:
2017-10-05 23:12Ppyyk Says:
2017-10-05 19:58-sgwolves- Says:

@Timmy bro,u number is ok la .

2017-10-04 10:02-sgwolves- Says:

@LL ok !bro ,we have register u number ,enjoy !

2017-10-03 21:03Ken Says:
2017-10-02 17:03Lovelorn Says:
2017-09-30 16:24xxx Says:
2017-09-29 19:54X Says:
2017-09-29 15:59Killer Says:
今天终于约到安然了 . 她真人比照片看起来要更有感觉 安然的身材真的很好 进了房间后 跟她一起去洗澡
洗的时候 我摸她的身体 摸的我弟弟好涨 她就在浴室里用嘴帮我弄.我们从浴室做到床上 她弄的我好有感觉 非常舒服.
和她做爱真的好有感觉 我插的很深.听她叫床的声音让我很兴奋.后来我感觉到她有水喷出来了 还流到了床上 .我舒服的也忍不住射出来了.
安然真的很棒.只要你能让她对你有感觉 我保证你们会感受到和她做爱是非常完美的享受..强烈推荐
2017-09-28 08:56theaerospaceguy Says:
卓越的服务。模型看起来 !会来预订她再一次
2017-09-28 03:51-sgwolves- Says:

@9177####  u number is customer already .

2017-09-26 20:45安然宝宝粉丝 Says:
2017-09-28 08:17安然宝宝粉丝 Says:
2017-09-27 18:35擦擦擦 Says:
2017-09-26 09:39神雕大侠 Says:
2017-09-26 15:53X Says:
2017-09-26 00:42-sgwolves- Says:

@Lone Ranger u number is ok !

2017-09-25 21:48xxx boy Says:
Her service is super. Very comfortable with her. Fj is 10/10. Friendgirl feeling.
2017-09-25 21:17捷克仁 Says:
安然 - 望天不负有心人,总算让我在第十次约到了安然!等、是值得的!安然有模特儿般的脸孔、魔鬼般的身材、十足情人般的热情。啪啪时她非常主动、完事后,她却小鸟依人的躺在我怀里!太享受了!我肯定会再约安然的!
2017-09-25 20:47宝宝(Yeo) Says:
2017-09-25 19:08lalala Says:
2017-09-24 18:31john snow Says:
after i tried her today, i finally know why she is as famous as jiu er.
both super service-oriented.
she is better than jiu er because she is standing at 1.68m tall! also she is bustier than jiu er!
but jiu er is good too because her small size allows you to carry her to F her!

anyway, i felt like a baby again when i grab her boobies and sucked her nipples silly!
i cannot tell u how many times other gals have said cannot touch breast, cannot suck nipple lah, etc.
so it is always great to be "breastfed"!
not only that she served me my favourite - abalone!!!

i don't need to describe the rest.
i can only say best $180 spent ever!!!
RTF appt booked for tomorrow!
2017-09-25 03:26DK Says:
Can French??
2017-09-24 00:19-sgwolves- Says:

8233**** 已经帮你注册,请预约吧。

2017-09-24 00:49Doge23 Says:
Thank you sgWolves
2017-09-23 23:52Rexsex Says:
Just one word to say about this girl. She is fantabulous. I enjoy licking all her body. No restriction. Enjoy very much having sex with her. Make you want to find her again and again. Worth the $180 spent. No regret at all. Thinking of her now. Believe me bros. This girl is angpai. Need to book her in advance.
2017-09-23 23:35J Says:
Great Job, great service. You will not regret it at all. I normally do not comment but this has to be the best you can find out there.
2017-09-23 17:57Doge23 Says:
How do I register an account bro?
2017-09-24 01:07-sgwolves- Says:

ask  girl !

2017-09-23 18:25Doge23 Says:
Bro sgWolves, How do I know if I'm successfully registered? Thank you
2017-09-23 17:58-sgwolves- Says:

Leave u number ,we will help u as soon as possible ,we will not public u number here .

2017-09-22 16:16K76 Says:
Just visit her. A friendly n chatty gal. Svc very good. Will see her again
2017-09-22 13:25毛毛熊 Says:
An Ran is back, like a recharged energizer bunny, hotter and sexier than ever. Didn't think that was even possible! She is definitely one of the best ladies here, out-of-this-world skills, passionate, high initiative, responsive, absolutely fabulous! At times it feels like she enjoys it more than me! XDXD
2017-09-21 19:51X Says:
2017-09-21 13:40Jason Says:
2017-09-21 09:18nb Says:
2017-09-22 00:51-sgwolves- Says:

ok !bro ,we have register u number ,enjoy !

2017-09-10 01:25一株惊天 Says:
2017-09-09 14:17小胖胖 Says:
2017-09-06 17:45你是我的小宝贝 Says:
2017-09-05 10:20CY Says:
When I was greeted at the door, chiobu was clad in a sexy outfit in black sexy nightie and high heels that would make a guy go weak in his knees. After I stepped into the room, she initiated lots of hugs and kisses and reciprocating them just came naturally for me, as if we were long lost lovers. She would then help me undress with occasional touches on the sensual areas ;). Showering and bj are definitely no horse run and she really took care of me like her bf throughout the session.She prefer you look at her while bj

After dry, she proceeded with a cat bath with me on the bed and nip licking that got my rod feeling hard. The cfm look, nipple licking, groin teasing acts and bj that came thereafter got me on a sexual high that I had to stop her in her tracks for the moment.I proceeded to lock lips together and frenched like lovers, then went on to suck on her titties and before capped on, I painted her down below. Her moans and twitches from her made me go beast mode and to my amazed, she squirt a small patch of wet mark on the bed.Is time to get thing done by started off with missionary for a couple of minutes before finishing in doggie. Blew my load inside her and it was sensational, mainly due to the foreplay. no one can resist to last long with that sort of teasing.

Laid down after that,talk cock sing song, she cleaned me up and left a delighted dude. Overall feel is fantastic and one of the best love making sessions in 2017 I've had so far.

Face: 10/10
Body: 9/10 (great pair of assets; perky and firm)
Service: 10/10 (even bothered to offer me a drink once I stepped in)
RTF: Sure as hell

(The session was so sextifying that I'm even reminiscing about it till now)
2017-09-02 23:02RTF Says:
2017-09-02 22:11小可愛 Says:
2017-09-02 15:58Tommy Says:
This is 7 times I visited An Ran.
Service is good. If she leave here, I hope she will bring me along with her.
If not, I will miss her very much.
I am very concerned over her.
2017-09-02 14:53ss Says:
2017-09-02 14:01光头 Says:
2017-09-01 19:58Durex Says:
2017 完美情人!
2017-09-01 17:32 Says:
给安然的评语 - 昨天早上忍不住又约了宝贝安然 我梦寐以求的女朋友 。真享受我们在彼此的怀抱的时刻 享受她软软灵活的舌头 享受她湿湿的妹妹 。真想天天都找她 希望她也会想想我挂念我 /::B
2017-09-01 10:47小胖 Says:
2017-09-01 00:34Tommy Says:
Went to see An Ran. I very care for her health. Told her to take good care of her health. Told her money is important but health is even more important. Every hour she works and she told me she has no time for food. I really sad to see her suffer like that. I wanted to bring her out for food but rejected my offer. Hope she be happy and have a good life. I am very concerned over her health.
2017-09-01 00:24Durex Says:
2017 最佳情人!
2017 最佳服务美女!
2017-09-01 00:16王子 Says:
刚约了安然,果然名不虚传。 服务态度完全没话说, 待我有如男友一样简直超级无敌棒的感觉,本人比照片漂亮的多了,胸部柔软,皮膚細滑, 下面紧,简直被她勾魂了。她的浴中吹箫让我差一点就不行了,到了床上继续吹着,舔蛋蛋舔得津津有味 看着我的那个眼神好像要把我吃了!吹工果然不得了一定要尝试! 安然超敏感的,下面好湿,添得她潮吹,把床单给弄湿了
2017-08-31 17:15Kiddo Says:
Have a awesome date with her. Her picture look like her which is hard go find as alot of the gals used meitu here.

Hate to have gals to perform bbbj with the teeth but I can assure you that there is no teeth. And she is very accommodating with 100% gfe. Wishing that she is your real gf. :)

Anyway fr is as below:
Body 8/10
Bbbj 10/10
Gfe: 12/10
Skin 9/10
fj: 10/10
2017-08-31 16:41Kiddo Says:
Have a session with her today. Very passionate abt satisfying her customer. And the picture is actually really her(well too much gals use meitu here) and she really had the elegance aura around her.

One thing I like is a good bj where no teeth is being feel. And to be frank I dun mind getting blow by her the whole day.

Anyway those sex position and stuffs are being described along so I will not focus on that.

Bbbbj 10/10
Body. 8/10
fj 10/10
skin. 9/10
Temper 13/10

gentleness max level and treat her well.
2017-08-31 14:54没你囧 Says:
昨晚约了安然 丝袜高跟 诱惑无敌 口活满分
2017-08-31 13:27X Says:
2017-08-30 13:57六点钟 Says:
2017-08-30 00:56元帅 Says:
2017-08-29 20:33✖️ Says:
2017-08-29 16:04T2 Says:
O M G! Totally blown away by her. One word, 'AWESOME'! To be honest, best sex I ever had.

Everything is just perfect. Most importantly can feel that she's really enjoying it cause can feel her body hair standing at times when she's really into it.
Services is as per what the other bros has previously described. Best part you won't even feel it's commercial. Gave a small tip at the end. Totally satisfying and worth it.

2017-08-29 11:40X Says:
2017-08-29 02:15Tommy Says:
I dont want girls that looks prettier than An Ran in the internet. I just want only An Ran.
Maybe they are chemistry.
2017-08-28 23:21逗神 Says:
A superb lady that everyone shouldn't miss . The way she kiss you like no tomorrow, her cat bath is nothing compare than the rest I meet so far. She very horny and like to squirt . She very good at dirty talk while hump her that make you wanna screw till there is no tomorrow.
2017-08-27 19:44Jack Says:
安然 超漂亮的。很会诱惑人。做爱超厉害的。一下子给她k.o 了!天啊
2017-08-27 19:06坏哥哥 Says:
今天我们来了三飞,安然 y 头 九儿
三个美丽的鲍鱼 让我一一享用
吊了一个 再吊另一个
最后两炮给了安然 还有y头
2017-08-27 11:44X Says:
2017-08-27 00:25黯然销魂散 Says:
2017-08-26 17:45Den Says:
3rd time I've dated An Ran this month. She is just fantastic. Super pretty and equally superb in service. Always something new to look forward to her excellent excellent service. Enjoyed every single minute from the moment I walked into her room. Perfect girlfriend feel. Love her cat bath and bbbj. Very hard working beauty and always eager to please. No wonder so many people are addicted to her.
2017-08-26 12:15X Says:
2017-08-26 11:17Tommy Says:
I dont want all ghe girls in the internet. I want only An Ran.
The girl that I care most in my life. I will very miss her if she return home.
2017-08-26 01:32X Says:
2017-08-25 23:23Tommy Says:
Thisciscthe fifth times I visited An Ran. As she knew me better, she planted a warmed kissed on my lips.
I forever remembered her passionate kissed. Thank you, An Ran. I really need that kissed.
2017-08-25 09:44大坏蛋 Says:
2017-08-26 03:16好奇男 Says:
2017-08-24 23:04sausage1 Says:
Visit her today, she is pretty and very seductive looks. I like her in the beginning when she open the door. she start her action when the door closed, hug me and kiss me. This is our first time meet so you can imagine how friendly she is. with all the natural smile and small talk we go to bath room and when she wash me she start the action by rub me with her soapy body. all the way she looks at me with her pretty eyes during the BBBJ. so seductive!
in the bed she start with passionate and rhythmic BBBJ, so shiok! I asked her to do few position and she follow all the way to satisfy me. we had a very enjoyable FJ together and btw her down there can squeeze your... so is very sensational experience. one of the best sexperience, thats why she have soo many nice review about her. and totally worth the money
2017-08-24 22:51你是我的小宝贝 Says:
2017-08-24 19:00Krenny Says:
Super gf feel. Look exactly same as photo very pretty. V attached to her. Good service from shower to bed. Top notch melt my heart totally.
2017-08-23 23:32过客 Says:
2017-08-23 22:46 Says:
2017-08-23 22:05黯然消魂掌 Says:
2017-08-23 17:58Rider Says:
Enter room hugs and kiss.... GFE !
Bath me and BJ me, after that dry for u.
Her BJ is really superb! Both in bathroom and on bed,
She looks like HK actress, Yang Kong Ru.
Very pretty face and hair. Smell also good.

Please go experience it yourself.
2017-08-23 00:09Kta Says:
Book her the whole day today. I definitely like the feeling together with her, you just feel like she is your gf, her room is your home. She is beautiful and demure on first look, gentle when you first talk, but when it comes to the real action, you will never imagine she is a wild And horny cat, ready to eat you up. The sensation she gave is ultimate orgasm, her blowjob definitely don't need me to comment. Those who tried her before will know what I meant
2017-08-21 23:50东风破 Says:
今晚有幸约到了安然(看到那么多狼友的推荐本以为约不到了) ,果然名不虚传,进门就给我热情的拥抱让我一下子就进入了状态,特别会调情挑逗我,浴中箫真的是不容错过,舌功一流!catbath特别有力道,爽到我寒毛立起来。激情时非常投入,让我都超长发挥了,最后见识到了真正的潮吹,好激动!真的如狼友的推荐所说,太刺激太惊喜,这样会玩好玩的女神没有错过真的太好了!
2017-08-21 22:53Tommy Says:
I hope when i met her again.
She gave me the same feeling again.
When my penis was inside her vagina, I could feel her vagina muscle is contracting and moving. My penis feel so shiok and my sperm just spurt out in no time.
2017-08-21 21:42Tommy Says:
I very shiok when she went on top of me and at the same time kiss me passionately. I hope if I come, she give me the same love making session.
Very shiok passionately kiss and sex
at the same time.
2017-08-21 20:54宝宝 Says:
多日不见,"安然" 无恙,再次相见,依旧美艳,细语交谈,进入主題,功力依旧,不减反增,出神入化,登峰造极,流连忘返,依依不舍,择日再战,必约"安然"。
2017-08-21 10:33我是帅哥 Says:
2017-08-20 23:34Kyle Says:

进门后,看到漂亮安然穿性感的内衣,她迷人的眼睛和她火辣的身材,我们就开始拥抱和接吻。衣服都没脱,我们就在镜子前抽插。冲凉时,安然很详细的洗我的身体和肉棒,也给了口交! 过后安然帮我插干身体,我们就上床了。安然的口活真的太爽快,不能解释,只能亲自体验才能明白。轮到我时,我用手和舌头把安然高潮和喷射!床单都湿了!手和肉棒都湿透了! 做爱时,从床上做到沙发上,从前面干到后面,太精彩了!射后,能和安然在床上搂抱,吸奶嘴,聊天,开玩笑,捉弄对方真的是幸福啊!时间到了,安然又帮我洗身体!安然的服务真的是黄金类!希望狼群们能照顾安然,给她多一点爱!

After holding it in for a month, I've finally made my next appointment with 安然. Did promise to either RTF for two hours or Overnight and I sure did by making a two hour appintment! Action speaks louder than words!

After entering the room, I saw 安然 in her sexy lingerie, mesmerizing eyes and voluptuous body! We started hugging and making out. Without taking off our clothes, we began to start dry humping in front of the mirror. While showering, 安然 diligently washed my body and my dick and even gave me a blowjob in the shower! 安然helped me to wipe dry my body after showering and we headed to the bed. 安然'mouth action is just sex-citing! I can't describe it and you have to experience it yourself to understand! When it was my turn, I used both my hands and mouth to make her cum and squirt! The bed sheet became wet! Both my fingers and dick were drenched in her juices too! While making love, we did it from the bed to the sofa, from the front to the back and it was just amazing! After cumming, I was able to spend the remaining time cuddling on the bed, sucking her tits, chitchat, telling jokes and teasing each other! It was such a blessing! When the time is coming to an end, 安然 helped to wash my body once again! I swear 安然's service is gold class! Hope all SgWolves would take care of 安然 and show her more love!

Face: 10/10 (Just like photo 100%)
Boobs: 9/10
Body: 8/10
BJ: 11/10 (Fucking shiok)
FJ: 10/10 (Love her accommodating attitude)
GFE: 10/10 (Love her smile, laughter and voice)
2017-08-21 15:53Kyle Says:
狼群们请别误会! 不是没冲凉和没脱衣就啪啊! 我用抽插是来表达dry humping! 不好意思,让您们误会了!
2017-08-21 15:15安然 Says:
2017-08-20 19:21Tommy Says:
Most girls enjoy my eating of pussy.
She is no exception. Her juice flowed down. She was so shiok that she hold my body so tightly and kissed me so passionately as she go on top of me. Within minutes I was so shiok releasing out my sperm.
Today she gave me the best love session since I visited her thrice.
2017-08-20 18:47你是我的小宝贝 Says:
2017-08-20 12:31毛毛熊 Says:
先说坏的:安然她不会自拍, 自拍的照片都把自己丑化了, 本人比照片美艳动人何止倍数, 真是罪过啊!

除此, 没什么好挑的。她风情万种,热情奔放, 非常会调情扇火 (自己不知道的敏感地带也被她发觉了), 缠绵时觉的她也是乐在其中, 不造假,不催人,非常爽!一个小时。。。不怎么够呢
2017-08-20 02:25灰太狼 Says:
2017-08-19 23:15一夜情 Says:
2017-08-19 17:36NYLover Says:
The best I tried in SG. Beautiful, sexy and friendly. Really made me feel comfortable with her hugs and snuggling.
Outstanding blowjob. Great kisser. And very good FJ.
Snuggled up with me after sex was over and napped for a while. Made sure I got my full hour of her service and attention.
2017-08-19 17:33Dan Says:
我刚刚又再约了安然,給我的感觉还是那么的好,她很热情又亲切,又漂亮,有女朋友的感觉,她的口活好的没话说,我給一百分,她是我遇到女孩子中口活最棒的一个,她的下面水好多,湿湿的,好有激情,我 喜欢她,还会再约她。
2017-08-16 23:21gaialapasx Says:
hi beauty,
meet up with this beauty lady.
she is really very pretty and she look like all her pictures,
Look 10/10
Bbj 10/10
FJ 10/10 she tight.

i wanna meet here again
2017-08-15 20:06你是我的小宝贝 Says:
2017-08-15 08:57YEO Says:
2017-08-14 20:55Andriy Says:
2017-08-15 14:17Aeron Says:
2017-08-13 17:09神雕大侠 Says:
2017-08-14 22:22神鵰 Says:
2017-08-12 20:50Micheal Says:
She is really pretty. Same as the pic last pic look more like her.
Look 10/10
Bbj 10/10 hardworking
Tongue job really good, I can cum with just her tongue on her nipple
Boob real and natural
2017-08-10 22:36弟弟 Says:
今天找了安然~~~ 她的服务非常好。很有张碧晨的感觉。可惜他现在大姨妈 不能爱爱,只能口爆~ 可是还是决定约了她。她的口活一流 还好我撑的住,我们战了差不多20+分钟 终于把我的给吸出来了。男生们 不约会后悔哦~~
2017-08-10 20:52dj Says:
her pictures do not do her any justice. She is absolutely gorgeous in person. It is also very rare for such a pretty girl to provide such excellent service.The way she uses her tongue .... omg .... no words can describe, u just have to experience it. Perfect session and 100% rtf.
2017-08-10 17:48J Says:
Just finished a session w her.
Very good GFE!
2017-08-09 01:46Auuu... Says:
I would like to check whether is mine registered? 97...56
2017-08-09 02:41-sgwolves- Says:

Leave u number ,we will help u as soon as possible ,we will not public u number here .

2017-08-08 03:11逗比 Says:
2017-08-07 19:38 Says:
安然的评语 :


写到这里又想起”安然”了... 期待下回的预约。
2017-08-07 13:04胖哥哥 Says:
我已经约了宝贝好几次了,我平时是不喜欢留言的,但我这安然宝贝实在是太好了,别的女孩都是照片漂亮,而我的宝贝本人是比照片漂亮,性感女神,她很会挑逗人,眼神很钩人 ,做爱有感觉,会很兴奋,她的床上功夫了得,在她的床上我很快就会缴械,让我爽的极致,然后她还会继续的再钩引我,我的下面又会有了反应,硬了起来,我直接搞了她了她第二次真不愧安然销魂,魂都被她钩去了
2017-08-07 10:34大勾佬 Says:
Ann is absolutely one of the most amazing services I've got so far after trying all the premium tier gals.

Shower together before and after, wipe dry for you.
Superb catbath, the best!
Bbbj, outstanding tongue she has. Gotta watch out.
FJ, accommodating to all my request and initiate more pattern than I thought.

The entire session well above expectations. It's something you went off without any regrets.

2017-08-06 15:49藝處匦 Says:
刚刚约了安然 人漂亮 口活好 身材一流 水多多
2017-08-06 13:42你是我的小宝贝 Says:
2017-08-06 02:54寶貝粉絲 Says:
2017-08-06 01:18Blue Says:
二十四桥明月夜 玉人何处教吹箫 原来江南水乡不仅景美,人是更美!而安然更是将古典与现代的性质完美地结合在一起。床下静如处子,床上动如脱兔。性格姣好,待人温柔。让我流连忘返。期待与安然的下一次见面,也希望安然被他人也待以温柔
2017-08-06 00:50寶貝粉絲 Says:
2017-08-05 22:34稀客 Says:
very good!
2017-08-05 18:17帅哥 Says:
2017-08-05 15:57Wils Says:

高潮连连,相互的感觉达到最完美程度。她太敏感了。这美女我喜欢, 肯定再回头/::B/::B/::B
2017-08-05 15:51中午殺手 Says:
She is combi of GFE and good shagging, TOP notch bbbbj!
2017-08-05 10:49aa Says:
2017-08-04 16:31哈哈哈 Says:
2017-08-04 23:53求喷 Says:
2017-08-04 01:11Simonsay Says:
2017-08-03 13:12Andriy Says:
2017-08-03 12:48被你骂坏蛋的人 Says:
2017-08-03 02:43浪子燕青 Says:
谢谢安然留一个小时给我预约 很感动 安然是个很出色的女生 只会默默服务 很配合 前奏更是无话可说 说真的 安然为狼网增色不少 太优秀了 有安然在 我也性福了
2017-08-02 19:50小小狼狼 Says:






我喜欢安然,她教我很多姿势,还一直说我帅,让我不好意思 下次我还要约她,来解锁几个还没有试过的姿势。



rtf: Sure!


2017-08-02 09:228号拖鞋 Says:
2017-08-02 03:54浪子燕青 Says:
狼主如果你觉得我的意见不错 请去差评反馈看 我的首选美眉 就是这位女神 安然 超疼她 爱不释手
2017-08-01 22:11恋上你的床 Says:
2017-07-31 17:19小明 Says:
She is back again finally afte2 months misses her so much

One of the best girls over here n sheis very hardworking n girl after knowing what she exp :(

Face.. Lokks like hk actress liang jing

Breast c cup very nice to touch

Gfe .. She is go all out to please

Enironment at onevof the best place in sg

Rtf yes . this is my 5th time visit her already will visit her b4 she leave
2017-07-30 10:45Allen Says:
2017-07-29 12:493pm 28july Says:
Overall she was indeed worth the price. Eyes are attractive. Bj is good. Below is warm and wet. We came together on bed while riding and my dick and her bed are wet. That's the nicest feeling. Didn't tip her. But bought her beers to drink. Hope you are take care of her.
2017-07-30 10:39安然安然 Says:
She likes beer? What brand's?她喜欢喝什么牌子的酒?
2017-07-26 17:43小白 Says:
2017-07-25 22:29yeo Says:
2017-07-24 19:20爱爱 Says:
你好,安然好评: 约了她,服务很好,留水多多,做爱好感觉,bed wet wet . 约了好多次,下次再找回她
2017-07-24 00:36神雕大侠 Says:
神奇! 180 我真的觉得 180 就可以让你上天堂 唯一不好的 是时间太短了! 离开的时候依依不舍。的约两个钟 还是包一天才值得
2017-07-23 22:48女人 Says:
2017-07-23 07:29Dan Says:
Looking for enjoyable moments, She is the one. She is good looking and really know how to mesmerize man.
2017-07-22 17:37Dan Says:
Looking for enjoyable moments, She is the one. She is good looking and really know how to mesmerize man.
2017-07-22 17:37tommy Says:
2017-07-22 23:50-sgwolves- Says:

bro ,may be u number have problme or never register,leave u number ,we will have u as soon as possible ,we will not public u number here .

2017-07-22 19:18-sgwolves- Says:


2017-07-22 17:29June Says:
She says she needs my number to be recorded? how to do that?
2017-07-22 01:29Kyle Says:
今天约了安然,在洗澡时她很仔细的洗,用手和口把小弟洗的干干净净! 口活超棒,是我 Top 3 口交的经验! 做爱时玩了不同的姿势也跟她学了新的方法!不知不觉爱上她的微笑和笑声答应以后约时,约两小时或包夜!

Had an appointment with 安然. While we were showering together, she used both her hands and mouth to clean my dick. Blowjob was perfect, possibly the top 3 I have experienced. She was accommodating with the different sex position and I even learnt a new method from her! Unknowingly, I fall in love with her gentle smile and laughter Promised to RTF for two hours or even overnight for the next appointment!

Face: 10/10 100% similar to photo. Eyes are mesmerizing!
Boobs: 8/10
Body: 8/10
BJ: 11/10 Top 3 I've experienced
FJ: 10/10 Accommodating with different sex position
GFE: 11/10 Loved her smile & laughter!
2017-07-21 21:57We Says:
U are the Best.
2017-07-21 21:13神雕大侠 Says:
我怀念和她在一起 我怀念她的温柔。
遇到他我真的觉得她好美 身材好 技巧也很好。现在再想想看 也很想要和她在一起。如果做她男朋友觉得一定性福! 想想舔她的那个反应我就受不了了。如果可以真的想约她一整天,想把她娶回家!
2017-07-21 18:04Spiceboy Says:

Today finally met up with An Ran, pretty with make up, nice figure, height est 165-168, another grade A frencher, good service with high GFE, will go back for more.
2017-07-21 16:04安然安然 Says:
2017-07-19 23:17迟到的人 Says:
前天约了AnRan. 感觉太棒了 她给我一种女朋友的感觉和服务 一级榜
2017-07-19 11:30Aa Says:
She has all the qualities you are looking for in a gf. Not much else to be said but never a dull time with her. Rtf for sure.
2017-07-18 21:29性奴 Says:
2017-07-17 21:53andriy Says:
She is really one of the best i tried.
Pretty, solid figure and very good service.
my 2nd slot with her,she get wet easily and standby to get wet when she cum. haha
shower together and bbbj during shower follow by catbath on bed,bbbj,毒龙钻,allow u to play with her pussy and very accommodating with any position.
GFE 100%
starting to miss her already
2017-07-19 09:15撤退 Says:
2017-07-16 19:58周星星 Says:
2017-07-16 19:49嘿嘿 Says:

她回来了 上班的第一天就去找她 一进门就抱着她 聊聊天 结果直接硬了!
猫舔之后 我给她“服务”了 床上 沙发。。。
事后再给她“服务” 结果她潮吹了[偷笑][偷笑][偷笑]
2017-07-16 18:16Krafty Says:
Just had a date with 安然 and i did not regret the decision.. a tall classy and beautiful girl, especially with her long hair. Cannot believe i just made out with such a babe. Service was top notch starting from bathing you and a body to body soapy scrub.. a serious cat bath and wonderful love making session.. !
2017-07-16 00:32麻辣香锅快递 Says:
服务好,人好,身材好 !
2017-07-15 16:14John Says:
Her service is still he best.
Look: 10/10
Figure: 10/10
GFE: 10/10
BJ: 10/10
FJ: 10/10
Wet: 10/10
Painting 20/10
Most of the things man wants is there. Nice.
2017-07-15 14:52Pikachu Says:
2017-07-15 00:29高哥 Says:
Last time I met An Ran in April. Very pleasant surprise that she still remembers me when I visited her today.

We had a good time catching up and making love. An Ran remains one of the best in terms of service and GFE.

Looks: 9/10. Has a celebrity look and make up is just nice.
Boobs: 9/10. Soft c cup boobs with pinkish nipples
Body: 8/10. Smooth silky skin and more towards slim built but not skinny. Very huggable
BJ: 9/10. Made me really hard. Deep throat and thorough
FJ: 10/10. Very patient and accommodating. Did her in many poses
RTF: definitely yes

An Ran is really a very nice gal with high GFE. all bros please be nice and gentle with her. She's really a rare gem that deserves being treated nicely.
2017-07-14 21:36Iwc Says:
very good services. Absolutely will re-visit her.
2017-07-14 21:30King Kong Says:
I seldom give comment but this is the best gal I ever tried. So decided to comment.
Look: 10/10
Figure: 10/10
GFE: 10/10
BJ: 10/10
FJ: 10/10
Wet: 10/10
Very sweet gal. Bonk her hard and she wet the bed. Must be nice to her!
2017-07-14 20:32Allen Says:
好姐姐啊, 厉害, 下次还去!
2017-07-14 02:01黄梅调 Says:
An Ran is a classy beauty with very strong GFE.
Her solid boobs and silky skin
will make you feel high easily.
The hotel is centralised, safe and
a lot of parking lots are available.
Very accommodating and service oriented.
Will certainly return to visit her.
2017-07-14 01:32Andriy Says:
She is definitely one of the best.
In person much prettier then photo.
Service is damn good and know how to seduce.even wear those sexy stocking. Damn....
Cfm rtf
2017-07-13 21:15少狼小狈 Says:
2017-07-11 23:30Kenneth Says:
2017-07-15 00:41 Says:
2017-07-11 22:30小孙 Says:
2017-07-11 02:03yap Says:
2017-07-13 06:22兀兰之狼 Says:
2017-07-10 04:04浪子燕青 Says:
哗 妳回来了 欢迎欢迎 开心啰 太想妳了
2017-07-12 03:55浪了燕青 Says:
还在同样的酒店吗 亲爱的
2017-07-11 19:18安然 Says:
2017-07-10 02:38我爱宝宝 Says:
2017-07-10 01:09司马懿 Says:
2017-07-09 16:06四眼 Says:
Look : 10/10
Boob: 10/10
BJ: 10/10
FJ : 10/10
service tip top and value for money
2017-05-03 00:11ZTTS Says:
A very hard working lady
2017-05-02 23:59[email protected] Says:
今天约了安然 人漂亮也很健谈的一个女孩
虽然一开始有点尴尬但很快就破冰了, 之后就进入主题啦
安然的身材很好 身材很好,尤其是腿修长又性感
过程不用说了 我们都很享受 到后来怎么样也不想从她身上离开
她快回去了 大家趁现在快约吧
她很多人约 所以要提早约哦
2017-05-01 12:36小明 Says:
Very shiok experiemce

Face 8-10 looks like hk actress 梁靜。

Service 10/10

Breast 10/10 soft c cup

Attitude 10/10


Rtf ? Yes..

She is worth morr then 170 should have charged 200 like other girld here
2017-04-30 21:33快递麻辣香锅 Says:
爱爱时很投入不做作。。要约要早点也要快 。她的魅力我无法挡,在她还没回国时,我会再约她。
2017-04-28 12:46bfe Says:
OMG! BFE! just two words OVERFLOWING WET! i wun go into the details all i wan to say is her photos here dun do her justice she looks 90% like a singapore actress Jesseca Liu 刘子绚 when she let her hair down and relax... see actress photo here ( and i kid you not i almost thot i was having sex with that actress ... 她看起来太像新加坡名星刘子绚了 我一点都不夸张
2017-07-26 10:37wolfwolf Says:
I want to have sex with Jessica tooo!
2017-04-28 03:02Kenneth Says:
今天第二次约安然。服务真的无话可说。太棒了。口工会把你带上天。跟她做很有女朋友的感觉。下面好湿好湿。不知道那位兄弟乱乱说她房间臭。那位兄弟鼻子肯定有问题。 还没约过安然的兄弟,要约就要快咯。她好像很快要回国了。好不容易找到一个这么好的女生,还真的有点舍不得。
2017-04-28 01:14小虎 Says:
太完美了 太完美了~第二次約她~比起之前那次親密得多~长相漂亮甜美~很温柔比以前還要调皮就像自己女朋友
2017-04-27 16:06Ticktockman Says:
FR on 安然

Looks - 8/10 I dunno how to describe but definitely a beauty
Boobs - C looks very delicious (think abit enhance)
Body - 9/10 168cm tall, slim with athletic body
Frenching - passionately, like a found a new lover
Bbbj - 8.5/10 look at u seductively, deep throat until knock her throat
Painting - yes! Responsive n paint until she come n wet the bed le... pai seh for next bro...
Fj - 9/10 everything is just too good to be true. A beauty, tall, slim n athletic body
Service n attitude - 9/10 I'll be back...
2017-04-26 22:08good Says:
2017-04-26 16:21Han Says:
Just had the pleasure of enjoying 安然's services. She is extremely friendly, and puts in the effort to create a wonderful experience. Pretty girl, great painting skills, and overall worth it. Will return soon!
2017-04-25 11:08Andy Says:
2017-04-25 01:42cosmo Says:
omg !! this gem is really good !!!
mine mouth and hands can't stop at all !!
her BBBJ is damn awesome !!!
riding skill is wonderful !!

GFE 100% will visit her again

2017-04-23 23:34Fat fat Says:
An ran provide one of the best services. Too bad can't have sex with her as she is having her monthly stuff. However her bbbj is one of the best. She is a friendly and playful girl. Please treat her with respect. Confirm will rtf when her mouthing thing end :)
2017-04-23 15:09CEO Says:
2017-04-21 10:30Okie Says:
2017-04-22 14:22安然 Says:
2017-04-20 22:46Donk Says:
Great cat bath and BBBJ skill. Bubbly and pleasant personality. Not a time rusher.
2017-04-20 18:34魔蝎 Says:
恩 这个可以有 态度好 热情 棒棒哒 (づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ
2017-04-19 18:22JL Says:
I have booked her yesterday, was very good and the following are the detail for refer:

Look : 10/10
Boob: 10/10
BJ: 10/10
FJ : 10/10
service tip top and value for money .. $170 good spend
2017-04-18 21:58Xmen Says:
Awesome.. definitely worthy...
2017-04-18 17:47Ben Says:
I can said that An Ran provides the best service I had never encountered amongst the sgwolf I met before. She is easy to chat, friendly, gentle. When she bath for you, before and after, is not the SOP type, really in details. Her BBJ skill is also one of the best, combined with cat crawl, deep thorat and cat bath your whole body. Sure many bros will like it. She is good looking with nice body as mentioned. FJ is awesome, try one position only, when come, we really hold tight each other and hold for another minute to take our breath. Be nice and treat this girl well, sure you will be rewarded.
2017-04-18 15:11四眼 Says:

2017-04-17 00:24大弟 Says:
had date with this lady this evening.
Start with BJ in shower and continue part 2 BBBJ in bed
Awesome deep throat almost end the game.
GFE feel. Will revisit soon.
2017-04-16 09:40Matt Says:
2017-04-15 19:25高仔 Says:
Pretty model look and figure. Very sweet and pleasant smile. Chatty and gentle.

Looks: 9/10 look like a HK actress. For sure a girl that will catch your eye on the streets
Body: 8/10 huggable and meaty at the right places. Slim but not super slim
Boobs: 8/10 very soft and suckable pink nipples. She loves being sucked
BJ: didn't try. Not a bj person
Cat bath:,10/10 very thorough full body
Shower: 10/10 very thorough full service with boob massage
FJ: 10/10 very patient. Love sex. No complaints even if I took a long time to cum
Attitude: 10/10
2017-04-15 17:49bigqingzhong Says:
2017-04-16 15:51世界之子 Says:
2017-04-15 14:29y y 123 Says:
2017-04-15 01:29小虎 Says:
tonight to see 安然 ,really so beautiful, so gentle super like , Blow job is damned good, nearly CIM time to find her

Look : 10/10
Boob: 10/10 cute n pink nipples
BJ: 10/10
FJ : 10/10
2017-04-15 00:21Adrian Says:
Look as pretty as the photo. Bj is very good. She is pretty and good, will rtf again.too bad she will only be here for 1 mth
2017-04-14 19:41小胖 Says:
Very shiok experience


Fj : 8/10

Blow in the showers
2017-04-13 14:34小狼 Says:
2017-04-13 07:17Kelvin Says:
服务很好, 本人比照片漂亮,温柔不赶工, 与最后一张照片相同
2017-04-12 23:59小陈 Says:
All I can say. What you see is what you get. Maybe even better.

2017-04-12 13:22No 5 Says:

Fell asleep when typing this haha . She is really pretty. Same as the pic last pic look more like her. Very new and love to fuck her.
Look 10/10
Bbj 10/10 hardworking
Fj 10/10 horny
Boob real and natural
2017-04-12 06:42No 5 Says:
Hi all had a foursome with her and friends
Firstly she look awosome better than pigjùķmlknlnn
2017-04-12 19:25gangbangster Says:
really? how much does it cost?

Comments on the statement:Hope all bros will give truthful FRs.
Truthful FRs is a responsibility to other bros and is a fair competition to the girls!


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