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191号Yi Yi(依依)



36B(all natural)


Room 包房

Central Area 中部地区

River Valley 里峇峇利

8371 6046

Pls say from 【sgwolves】 when contact! 请说从【狼群网】看到的!

Massage girl 按摩女孩

Gentle Reminder: Dear bros be mindful not to be cheated or mislead by fake Sgwolf website! (We promises that we will never send any sms to bros)

Service 服务: Authentic FINGER PRESS Massage★正宗指压按摩 / Authentic FINGER OIL Massage★正宗油推按摩 / Boobs Massage★波推 / Prostrate Maintenance★前列腺保健 / Grasp root★抓根 / Back Kneeling★跪背 / Head Massage★头部按摩 / Facial Massage★脸部按摩 / HJ★打飞机 / HDLY★海底捞月 / Scraping★刮痧 /

About 介绍:

Dear brothers. If you ever discovers the pictures here are fakes or if the pictures and actual person resemblance has a big difference, do choose to walk away. Do not believe any fancy words or stories. If any of their listed service are fakes, do leave a message for us and reply you as soon as possible. 各位兄弟,如果你发现这里的照片是假照片或照片和本人差距很大,请选择直接离开,请不要相信她们的任何花言巧语。如果发现有虚假服务,请留言给我们,我们会尽快回复您。

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  • 新加坡狼群sgwolves可以硬币刮痧,按摩+2次打飞机!半裸按摩!2
  • 新加坡狼群sgwolves可以硬币刮痧,按摩+2次打飞机!半裸按摩!3
  • 新加坡狼群sgwolves可以硬币刮痧,按摩+2次打飞机!半裸按摩!4
  • 新加坡狼群sgwolves可以硬币刮痧,按摩+2次打飞机!半裸按摩!5
  • 新加坡狼群sgwolves可以硬币刮痧,按摩+2次打飞机!半裸按摩!6
  • 新加坡狼群sgwolves可以硬币刮痧,按摩+2次打飞机!半裸按摩!7
  • 新加坡狼群sgwolves可以硬币刮痧,按摩+2次打飞机!半裸按摩!8
  • 新加坡狼群sgwolves可以硬币刮痧,按摩+2次打飞机!半裸按摩!9
  • 新加坡狼群sgwolves可以硬币刮痧,按摩+2次打飞机!半裸按摩!10

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2018-03-11 20:56sa m Says:
Booked an appointment with yiyi today. Massage was fantastic 10/10 and place is secluded and extremely clean, parking is not a problem as well. Will definitely rtm soon.
2018-01-27 21:31CF Says:
Brothers who like massage should try this gem at least once and will not regret. Extremely friend and gregarious personality. Authentic massage and not play piano type.
Masssage 9/10
HJ 9/10
Will definitely rtm as long as she is still in singapore.
2017-12-13 08:35Matt Says:
Sweet lady with good massage skill. HJ is sensual with soft moaning. She really knows how to "massage" your rod.
2017-11-18 08:35lady lover Says:
she is a pretty, mature, elegant lady, i love her so much. i followed her since she came her. her personality also good, if you are familiar with her, she can meet your demand. every part of her body is beautiful.
2017-10-02 16:15肥仔 Says:
Booked an appoinment with this gem today. All I can say is smooth and fair skin, most attractive part is her massage skills and techniques. Will 100% return for her! Not a time watch and holds conversations very well. A gem not to be missed!!
2017-09-26 18:36plssss Says:
can bring her to hougang?? east coast is soo farr
2017-08-27 12:01wildbull Says:
2017-07-23 06:40jim Says:
2017-07-03 15:40RTM Says:
Definitely worth the money. Good massage skills and absolutely sensual HJ. 5 star experience. Will RTM
2017-06-19 17:16肩膀疼痛的人 Says:
2017-06-16 18:08Wolf Brother Says:
She is definitely worth the money, excellent massage and service attitude. Depending on chemistry, how far you go with her is depending on your chemistry with her. I am not joking.
2017-06-13 10:30长情 Says:
2017-06-06 16:08康万 Says:
2017-06-06 15:45康万 Says:
2017-05-24 21:51小胖子 Says:
2017-05-05 09:02帅狼 Says:
2017-04-09 08:44帅狼 Says:
2017-03-23 17:00Lover Says:
After reading all the good comments, travelled all the way from the west to the east to look for Yi Yi. She is really really very good!
2017-02-26 15:42 Says:
本人很漂亮 按摩手法不错 很懂男人心 很诱人 你们去了就知道
2017-02-05 14:06meme Says:
2017-01-08 01:10rah22 Says:
2017-02-25 23:37有多漂亮 Says:
2017-01-07 01:31fair Says:
妹妹按摩手法好!服务态度很好!有女朋友感觉. 按摩手法好. 人很亲切. 波大人美.
2016-12-24 20:11 Says:
2016-12-13 02:51Johnny Says:
Booked a session with 依依 this evening tok kong with gd massage skills, hardworking and cheerful

Highly recommended for whoever wants to have real, relax and effective massage

She fantastic photos is 100% accurate, sweet and beautiful young.

RTM: Yes Definitely
2016-12-09 00:00妲己霸 Says:
服务态度极好!人也漂亮!比照片漂亮!打飞机叫你控制不住声音也好听。按摩也很好 到位 时间足。狼友们依依是你不错的选择。 喜欢依依的服务
2016-11-08 09:48Lux Says:
Simply best sensual I’ve had. Not a time watcher, chatty, attitude good. Service good. Teasing good. Rtm surely yes. Can’t wait to book her again.
2016-11-07 03:02石头 Says:
Awesone massage not time watcher
2016-11-05 19:45Ahgao Says:
Totally eased out all my knots. And HDLY was out of this world! Never have I tried such a long HDLY before! she is totally seductive and I am very reluctant to be writing this . Scare she will be harder to book.
2016-10-28 03:19beebee Says:
her strength is definitely strong. She even prepare her tools during massage... Damn Serious !!. Bro who always got backache etc should pay her a visit, she's pretty good. She's got nice boobs
2016-10-25 16:15Ahmad Says:
Well worth your time and money. Photos are real. In fact she has little make-up and looks better than photos. Cute, friendly and chatty. A bit green but tries hard. Great gfe. Accomodating. Slim and youngbody. Best shenot a time watcher.
2016-10-22 13:40Andy Says:
Easily ice break, outgoing Syt and comfortable, shes got a very special aura which attract me until now i still cannot forget her. WILL R eturn
2016-10-12 21:56中国狼友 Says:
2016-10-01 18:54挑剔的人 Says:
2017-07-28 16:12-sgwolves- Says:

Leave u number ,we will help u as soon as possible ,we will not public u number here .

2017-07-28 06:44Boo Says:
How do I register?
2016-10-09 11:21挑剔的人 Says:
2016-10-07 16:41小鹿乱撞 Says:
2016-09-28 15:02小伟 Says:
2016-09-27 19:55LiveFresh Says:
Young MILF
Massage strength: 8/10
Knee back: 8:10
Teasing level: 8/10 naughty
HJ: 8/10 with the horny moaning
Gf XP: 9/10
Not a time watcher
2016-09-27 16:06Ben2016 Says:
Just did a session with Yiyi. She looks a little older than her photos with fair skin and nice soft racks. Had a decent massage on the shoulders before I turn around to let my hands go all over her boobs. All natural and soft to the touch. Took a little coaching to undress her and was soon sucking to my hearts content on her natural boobs and pinkish nipples. Told her I like it slow and her HJ was skillfully sensual. We started to french and soon I cum all over her hands. All this while we had a nice conversation and the feeling is awesome. Before I left she gave me a drink and kiss goodbye at the door. Sure RTF.

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Truthful FRs is a responsibility to other bros and is a fair competition to the girls!


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